Invest in Cryptobrewmaster Beer Brew v 0.2 (conditions updated and pics added))

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Hello #LEO community!
This is the BeerBrew 0.2 post

We sucessfully fiished the campaign for the BeerBrew 0.1 and we are about to announce the next brew that gonna happen next week!

Here are some photos from the BeerBrew 0.1




Investors beermat


Boiling hops

Introducing the brew of CBM - Hive Lager

We use German Malt Weyermann and German \ Czech Hops for that one
Fermenting and conditioning with a Lager Yeast within a low temperaure for at least 1 month!

The team

The plan

  • This time we planning to brew a Pale Lager which fits the best with the market requirements
  • Make a marketing for a whole event, mentioning Hive, @cryptobrewmaster game, and a community \ investors involved
  • Engage the community - show the moments from the brew day, tasting notes, reports and so on in closed discord channel
  • Revenue goes to cover the investors' funds + 20% interest in CBM Tokens

The brewery @abcbrewery


Brewery where we are going to brew our CBM - Hive Lager is located in Kyiv city suburb area. (I'll leave a @pinmapple here), capacities are 30.000 Liters monthly.

photo_2020-06-24_22-40-42 (2).jpg

All the process takes 4 weeks, from the mash to the beer, that is ready!

photo_2020-06-24_22-40-42 (3).jpg

The investments plan

  • Funding 2000L of beer by team @cryptobrewmaster = 800$ 2000$ (mistakes were made in the first post edition, where we forgot to count the factory expences... only the ingredients cost were counted)


  • Anyone can join the beer brew batch funding with buyng CBM tokens
  • min share is 100 USD bought in CBM tokens, current ASK price is $0.01361 per CBM so it's enough to get ~ 7400 cbm for investing!
  • Not necessary to buy tokens if you already have some you can use those!
  • Send the tokens to @cryptobrewmaster wallet with memo beer brew 0.2 investor
  • After the beer is sold out (we expect 2,5-3 months from the brew date - lager needs more time for the conditioning) we deposit CBM tokens back to your walltes with x 1,2 interest rate.
  • Also you will get a link to the discord secret investors room.

Only 20 slots available 1 share per 1 investor = 100$ in CBM tokens

Buy your share today and be a part of the history)))

Enjoy what we doing?


Vote for us -

Get onboard

Get on board with a free promo brewing supplies

Our links


I'd love to see others participate in this one so I'll wait and join later if slots are still open. Btw to anyone reading this, I made a nice profit of about 20% from the first beer batch as it was promised :D

PS: You guys should include some photos from the batch 1, it will be easier to attract investors :)

I’m on the look for Beer lovers to invest in CBM

More importantly, find some to play the game @nathanmars.

That is a great lead in to owning the token.

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Wow! Great opportunity for investment! I like idea when cryptotokens use in offline world.

!BEER welcome!

Hey @vabadaba, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

This is really cool as it bridges the gap from the virtual to the physical. I would love to taste the beer. I have been to Kyiv a couple of times for work and drank the local beers. I will not be able to invest this time, but I hope others will.

Cheers and have a !BEER

next time we'd be happy to meet you!

Cool brewing installation and nice plan laid ahead to combine things from both real world and virtual one through the game. Building a beer loving community around the game with real life events is a healthy way to grow!

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Why is the minimum 100usd to invest?

Because we don't want this closed investors club being big)
beerbrew 0.1 was consist of 9 ppl, we happy with that

Interesting. Okay :D

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I like Beer.
I want to drink your beer.
But, I am from Myanmar.

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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I got involved. I would suggest others fill up the 20 spots.

A great use case for CBM.

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I just love the whole concept...
I'm in!

Hi, just for clarity...

Do I get back all the CBM tokens I invest initially and then plus $20 worth of additional CBM tokens at whatever the value is in 3 months time?

So if I invest 7500 tokens I get

7500 CBM back and then plus $20 worth of additional tokens?

I'm assuming you're not offering to return of $120 worth of CBM tokens at the CBM price in 3 months time, as that would mean the earlier you invest the less return you get, compared to just holding the tokens, assuming a gradual increase in token price of course!

You will get all the tokens back + 20% extra tokens

Cheers, just sent!

We obtain the profits out of this brews so we are able to hold the price...)

This is truly a unique project, and am super happy to participate in this round of investing/beer brewing. Best of luck with this next batch 🍻

So I send my tokens to that account?

@teenagecrypto you send tokens to @cryptobrewmaster via Hive-Engine with memo - beer brew 0.2 investor! 👍👍


The idea is you need to send an amount of 100USD for 1 share

Will send you tokens back!!

You guys got me in a tricky situation and I will not be able to invest, but I will be ready for batch 0.3! Put me on that list! Building the pipeline!

I'd like to join, but the price of the CBM token has rocketed to $0.07. Is the ROI in USD because I'm worried I'm if it's paid in CBM the toke price could fall and wipe out any gains.

CBM token now according to Hive - Engine costs $0.01239
@cryptex24 price is 0.014
Don't say thanks)

It's been a long day .07 hive not USD... Shoot it took me a sec to figure that out. I'll be joining in once my next paycheck hits the bank account so hopefully all the slots are not filled by then.

Are there any slots left as interested in investing in this round?