Bella - Wheat IPA, updates on CryptoBrewMaster!

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New Beer in the House and it looks Hot!
Bella - Wheat IPA is the new entry on and along with some oter changes makes the game even more attractive. Of course to create that new beer more ingredients are need, but you can sell it also for higher prices based on the quality you produced.


As i said in my previous post, i was gathering as much ingredients as possible, so when i saw the new product i had the materials to produce it! Fortunately for me, my first try was quite the success, an outstanding Bella Brewed!!


I have to say that i really like the game development so far, steady and sturdy with nice additions overall. The people behind the game are also running a real life brewery and a small CEX exchange that CBM and other HE tokens listed (yes leo included), so many reasons to support!

If you are not aware of cryptobrewmaster yet feel free to follow my link and join the game!!

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I am still trying to get the game.
I just joined few days ago but it look a bit complicated for me to grab

The philosophy is that you need to gather the ingredients to craft a beer, which you can sell afterwards
The better quality of the ingredients is, the better and more expensive the beers are.
You can check out this older post (some of the info is outdated but still, it can give you an idea) - and feel free to join their server if you need more info ;)

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It's very simple game, you might have some strategy thought.

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