Ready to pool some wleo!

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Finally my leo are available and ready to get pooled on the wleo-eth liquidity pool. Since i have already wrapped them I'm just waiting for Ethereum gas fees to chill a bit because it's quite high for the moment, when that happens around 800 will be sold for ETH (poor pleb) and 750 will be added in the pool increasing my share in total of 1050wleo/0.48 ETH.
It's a good amount for starting position that i hope will be increased in the future. It's also an amount that doesn't effect much leo stake (im still holding over 14k leo staked) which means i will continue earn that precious curation rewards at approximately at the same lvl as before.


I noticed that my estimate account value is 0.22$ for 1550 wleo, kind of weird since i have linked my eth account to the new wleo contract and already pooled some wleo to the current wleo pool. The same happened on my metamask that i have add the new wleo token.
@khaleelkazi enlightenment me please.

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Do you know anything about LBI, how it works and what are the incentives to get into it?
I haven't found any posts yet, but heard about it.

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Same here, i have heard about it but nothing specific yet. I guess it will be something like spi but with leo.

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Will be very similar to what SPI did.

Are you familiar with it?

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That's what taskmaster was saying, but I have no clue how spi worked :((

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It works similar to SPInvest. Are you familiar with that?

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Nope... I initially though it was something like SBI, but someone said it isn't.

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@spinvest is the main account. SPI is a token on Hive engine. It was originally sold for 1 HIVE each...then 2 hive. There are 100K SPI tokens.

The HIVE (STEEM) brought in was then powered up and leased out. This brought in more Hive each week. That was then powered up and it kept growing.

At the same time, there are posts that are put up each day, which get rewards which also adds to the pool.

Finally, some of the Hive was used for off platform investments (as well as on chain). It now holds 1 BTC, some ETH, gold, and silver. There are also on chain like Splinterlands alpha packs, and a bunch of LEO. There is also a sub-group of @spinvest-leo which holds LEO and curates. Plus the posts generate LEO that helps entire holdings.

All of this is what backs up the SPI token.

LBI will follow a similar plan.

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I get it now. Thanks for having the patience to explain it to the little cub :))

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No problem. It is a worthwhile project.

I will be putting like 10K LEO into it, just to let you know.

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I may need some guidance with this sometime soon :)

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I agree with @katerinaramm. Make a guide about that.

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