Splinterlands Focus Fire quest rewards with my second account!!

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As you can see i have already 49 season chests with my second and unused for so long account, that's one point, the second point is that for my daily focus which was fire i managed to collect 20 chests and all that in silver 3!!!

Someone could say ok bro 20 chests so what, its silver 3... Nope, it might be at silver 3 but as you can see below it's quite awesome!!
From the 20 chest i got 10 cards which one of them was epic, 5 was rare and 4 common, i also got 79 dec and two potions. With the previous system with my main account playing at Gold one at this time of the season, i was getting 8 chest with pretty much crap rewards... The difference is obvious.

Now lets see what i got with numbers.

Tide Biter (Value: $ 1.200) 1

Dhampir Infiltrator (Value: $ 0.498) 1

Venari Heatsmith (Value: $ 0.013) 1

Venari Bonesmith (Value: $ 0.045) 1

Naga Assassin (Value: $ 0.047) 1

Venari Crystalsmith (Value: $ 0.051) 1

Pelacor Mercenary (Value: $ 0.015) 2

Venari Seedsmith (Value: $ 0.043) 1

Pelacor Deceiver (Value: $ 0.011) 1

DEC 79

Legendary potion 1

Alchemy Potion 1

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You got some good rewards. An epic wow that's wonderful. Tide biter is a good card !