Splinterlands Season rewards!!

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Last season was the most productive one in therms of chest rewards, this one is by far the less productive, 88 chests VS 59 Chests.... LOL!!!
I knew that would happen when i stopped renting and tried just with my own powers, people still renting hard and the competition is super hard, i managed to jump in Gold I that i was usually playing till day one or day two, 5 days before the end of the season...
In the end the 59 chests were all most the same in terms of value with the 88, (7.08$ and 8.25$), not bad if you consider that i didn't spent any dec for rents.

6 rare

16 common

5.69k DEC

1.5k Merit

28 Legendary potions

48 Alchemy potions

2 Chaos packs

No legendary, epic or Gold Foil (that's bad though).

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