Splinterlands Season rewards!

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This season was the most productive one, i won 88 Season chests which is the best result i ever had with the new reward system. It was also a great season in terms of what i got in the daily focuses, especially after the update (the bot killer) i got many legends and epics and of course the best DEC reward so far!!

25.5K baby!!


That's what i got for the season!! (All the packs going to the second account that is going to be a competitive silver account in modern leagues very soon).

αρχείο λήψης 1.png

25 Common Cards

2 GF common Cards

3 Rare cards

532 Merit

2.93K DEC

94 Legendary potion

71 Alchemy potion

3 Chaos Packs

Overall value 8.25$

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Your reward at the end of the season looks encouraging.
Have you heard about the Huobi SPS trade opening?
I think this opportunity will help the market price of SPS to rise. It is possible that the price stay the same too.