Chainlink Stacking System Coming Next Month This News Affected The Link Market

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I see the old coins kind of going sideways and i wouldn't be surprised if it grinds on the top of this resistance for a little bit and then gets a nice move up that that's what i think is the most likely scenario that's going to play out in the short term for chain link just wanted to first touch on the short term for chain link we're going to take a look at the four hour and we're holding this box which i don't think we're gonna break this box spans from pretty much 12.70 to about 13.50 i don't see us breaking down this on a four-hour close basis we built up some major support in this area
You see the confluence in this area back a bunch of resistances back here this is so much in this area that i think this is a a nice bounce area obviously we've got a major buy wick and it looks like the seller the buyers don't want us to go below that level they're really scooping up chain link won't be surprised if we come back down maybe we see a double bottom and we bounce off or we just continue sideways and then before getting a nice bounce kind of waiting on see what bitcoin is once bitcoin starts pumping we're going to see these all coins start pumping as well right if we see bitcoin dump look for the all coins to dump as well that's just how the market works i wish i had some meat a magic crystal ball to see what all coins weren't going to follow bitcoin

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I picked up some link this week on the downslide. I think it should make some easy gains over the next month or so. I've no attachment to the token but it should rise again soon.