If Bitcoin Hold This Level ! Bitcoin Move High Within Next Few Hours

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The market may be actually preparing itself for this type of event also real quick this is something that bitcoin market mentions on this article in terms of should be worried about.
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I could care less about that for us our viewpoint on the chart to see if the market is actually preparing itself for that alonzo implementation around the july time frame of 2021 so one thing i wanted to talk about the market in bitcoin for this week's trading has already confirmed something that each and every one of us need to see.
What did it do so far this week we've already saw the market come and test the overall trend that was the prime area to come through and purchase bitcoin there did you grab that did you purchase some of that price some bitcoin talks at that price around 38,000 $ because if so that would be a great location to buy bitcoin and continue to ride this line higher in price remember that as we go throughout.

This week into the month of june as to whether or not bitcoin can maintain that price because if we can't hold that line i'll be the first one to tell you while everyone else is telling that the market is going to moon and bitcoin this market has to maintain that price alongside that line take a look at the market on a different time frame well first me break down our last price prediction .
You see on our last price prediction that bitcoin we told you all to expect the market to go higher in price and that is precisely what the trap did he higher the value in bitcoin there excellent job around 40,000 $ profitability was garnered from that prediction about two days ago.

The biggest things that i'm really looking forward to this marketing bitcoin continuing to show a strength above 38,000 $. we saw that yesterday into the market in bitcoin that was the first indication that we've already confirmed where the support came through this is where we're seeing the strength come in bitcoin hit 45,000 $ again if breakout this level.

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Definitely even despite Elon musk Bitcoin decline,it is still good to see Bitcoin going up and seeing other countries like El-savaldor and India accepting Bitcoin as means of exchange of recent,it shows that Bitcoin still has a great future and power does not reside in one man's arms alone.

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