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Follow The News To Stay Ahead of the Curve

In this video, we'll discuss some of the latest big news and updates for ETH, AVAX, TRON, MATIC, and SOLANA.

Following the news is key if you want to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of these potentially explosive cryptocurrencies!

Whether you trade, hold or just want to stay informed, this video is for you!!

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Topics and TimeStamps

00:00 Welcome to the show guys xo

01:30 Why it's hard to be a content creator

03:40 The entire crypto market

04:20 #btc chart analysis

08:20 Chinese government backed #metaverse

10:00 Is ETH a security and commodity?

14:30 ETH staking surges

16:50 Ava Labs launchpad to build "no-code" blockchains

24:05 Tron partners with #nansen

24:35 #gala V2 update

26:50 MATIC address creation 2-year high

28:00 How & when to invest in #altcoins

31:10 Solana integrates #chatgpt AI

32:15 Crypto attacks are decreasing

33:20 24 #memecoin rug pulls in 10 days

34:55 Don't put your life savings into crypto!

36:35 #litecoin halving soon

37:00 #ltc chart analysis

38:20 Clear rules needed for crypto #coinbase says

40:40 Cathie Wood #arkinvest says U.S. is losing crypto movement

42:40 Debt ceiling in 8 days

47:10 FOMC minutes coming today

47:00 Trezor hack

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