CTP price explosion!

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A week ago, I was writing a post in which I expected the price for CTP being stable for quite some time. I couldn't have been more wrong... The price passed from 0.0068 to 0.025 in a couple of days...

In the video I try to give you my explanation for this price increase

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Thanks for the update. Exciting times for CTP!!

Looking forward to seeing what @jongolson and @blainjones have planned with their new secret project :-)

Thanks! I visited and shared the article you mentioned in the video. Anyhow, though that "secret project" is enticing, I will still do my typical activity. The goal is to grow my #CTP power to 40k!


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40K is a pretty nice target that you have. Hope you reach it soon :-)

I have close to 6k on listnerds.com and 5k plus on ctptalk.com. 29k more to go! 😅


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Something is cooking at CTP and it smells pretty good.

Jon and Blain are preparing something :-)

I saw the announcement about the new project but I didn't link it to the price increase. It makes sense though.

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I think it's related and at least a couple of users have started to buy a lot of CTP because of it :-)

time too invest a little bit in ctp!!

Always a good idea ;-)

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