Sandbox starts new waves of Landsales ...

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I've always been a fan of Sandbox and owns a piece of their land. They have already run 3 Alpha seasons that allow users to get a taste of what's going to be there when full metaverse of gaming and interacting is ready.

Really like what they did over there although things have been going high and lows but I see good partnerships keep coming so it seems to keep evolving...

After season 3, I have also KYC'd despite hating this process in essence. But it's indeed necessary for them to identify real players before the bots drive all real persons away when there is some giveaway or competitions...

So for this new wave of landsale, they adopt a new way - using Raffles to get a chance to buy a land with a lower-than-market price.

There is REGULAR land and PREMIUM land. The latter is more expensive with more rewards and rights.

You will need to have at least 1,011 SANDs in your polygon wallet to see this page or you will be directed to a buying page.

1,011 SANDs is the price to pay for REGULAR land if you are lucky to get chosen. It's worth about $560 right now, almost half price if you compare to current floor price at $1,100.


Originally I just wanted to check what price it is for "Join Both" and accidentally I get 1 ticket in that group.

Then I realize that they don't take away your SANDs in advance - you just need to "show" 1,011 SANDs in your wallet and you can choose your ticket.


You can get more raffles tickets - ouch! it seems if you participate their previous season deep enough, you have very good advantages.

I did not. I did play but not to a great deal so I suppose can only get lucky with my only one ticket. 😄


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What is your end goal for that plot of land? :)

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