Hive Overtakes Steem! Rising Star Limited Edition Sold Out! Meanwhile I Spent My Hive Buying LEO on The Dip!

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It's the nature of cypto. So much is happening so fast. I'm not even involved in everything. I'm mainly on Hive and related Dapps. It's still super fast. It's only been few days since I started seeing about the Rising Star Birthday.

I finally decided I'm gonna get some sweet limited edition NFT. Transferred bunch of Starbits to Hive-Engine. Then......

I Tried To Buy Some

Hive is Finally Kicking It High!

Compare those beautiful numbers !!!
Hive is finally getting some attention. Blurt is the coin missing some action. I hope Blurt will be back on its feet too. We are in an awesome bull market. We've only started. thee's no way we are going to stay under the radar when social media censorship is on full swing!

It's Probably Why LEO is Crashing

LEO took a massive drop while I was watching much of it real time. I figured it's time to get some of those Hive gains and put it where the airdrops are (or I'd probably throw it on

Trading between coins is a fun thin to do. In fact I prefer it this way. We should never for get that we're a community. We need to support our Dapps.

I've Been Loading Up For Fees

Fees suck. But sucking it up and being on other blockchains like BSC can get more eyeballs on us. CUB should have gotten some serious attention from folks who didn't even care about blogging to earn. That's why I went thorough all this:

Let's Promote Our Games

On thing I've seen is most of these trader types aren't into blogging even if it's a good opportunity to earn. Many of them don't even want to play games. The crazy stuff I've been seeing is NFT stuff.

Rising Star Has Lots of NFTS

It's such a casual game where you collect cards and go on missions. Thee's not much strategy or gameplay. There's lots of music though :) I've seen some good tracks. These guys have been working hard on these.

Imagine All of Those Craze on Real Art!

We can make it happen. What we need is the community to work together. 1 Dapp can help another Dapp get recognition. It worked with CUB. It worked with We souldn't give up when it's finally our time to shine :)

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I myself purchased some leo tokens using Hive and now price of HIve has surpassed its all time high value. I also made a mistake when the price of Hive was just 0.35 USD. I sold about 550 Hive. Now, I can only regret on my decision.

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I've sold lots of Hive for LEO, CUB and DEC. I don't have much regret. They are all good investments. Timing the market for best returns is nearly impossible.

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I managed to get two "1st Birthday Cake" cards yesterday. I should do some more promotion for @risingstargame as well. It has been some time since I last wrote about the game.

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When Hive price is less people buy LEO with Hive .

When Hive price is more people buy Hive with LEO , I don't understand people sometime . I am doing what you are doing , selling my Hive for LEO and buying the DIP :)

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If people started acting rationally folks like you and me won't have much gains in the market. We can only show the world our thoughts and actions. When they see results they'll change their ways (if they are smart enough).

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When I see that Hive surpasses Steem in value I can only say one thing: IN YOUR FACE JUSTIN¡ HA, HA, HA.

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I still have some Steem I haven't powered down. Still waiting for end of bull market before I sell those off :)

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Hey @d-zero, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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