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If you're anything like me, it always seems like you're a day late and a dollar short, to use the cliche. We all can look back and say to ourselves, "Why didn't I do that back then?" For example, I had a guy who wanted to pay me in Bitcoin back in 2013 or 2014. I had done a job for him for around $300. I had heard of it but didn't really have a clue what it was so I passed. Pretty sure BTC was around $30 at the time. Hmmmm. If only....

If you've been around in crypto for any length of time, you have at least a dozen of those "if onlys". "If only I would have bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, Polkadot, etc, etc, last year at this time, my life would be totally different." Well, I didn't. And chances are, most of you didn't either. And if you did, it wasn't enough.

That's the other "if only" that pops up a lot. You see something, know its a good idea, and instead of really jumping on the opportunity, you stick a little toe in. Sure, it works and you make some money BUT, "If only I would have put in what I should have put in."


Well, I'm here to tell you, everyone has got another chance. And it's not just a little chance to make a little money. It is a genuine, honest to goodness, extremely realistic opportunity to make life-changing gains. And if you're reading this, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Most of us know what's going on with #LeoFinance right now. #CubFinance has arrived and it's coming in with a roar. There are opportunities all over the place to make incredible yields by farming, staking, providing liquidity, trading, and/or just accumulating. Not to mention just good old-fashioned curating and posting. Seriously, there are so many different ways to accumulate tokens right now that every single person interested in this site should be reading every post they can and making comments or asking questions. You don't need anything at all to make money other than effort. Proof of Brain at it's finest.

CubFinance 20210310 004506.gif

Even a few tokens can make a huge difference down the road. For example, imagine if you had a "few" Bitcoin. I'm not saying Leo or Cub or ProjectBlank or whatever else is coming is going to $50,000. But they sure as hell could go to $50 at some point, or even $500. And truthfully, I wouldn't bet against the devs creating something that could go even higher. The infrastructure being put in place here is that valuable.

But now comes the part I wasn't aware of and this is crazy, too. But before I get into it, I want to take a quick step back.


As you may or may not know (depending upon when you joined), #Hive is a hardfork of Steemit. There are many people here who fell in love with this whole "social media on the blockchain" concept because of Steem. So much so, that when it was "attacked" and taken over by what amounted to a dictator, they banded the community together and created Hive. I'm glossing over months of pain and sacrifice here, not to mention endless hours of work and planning and effort to get this place up and rolling, all the while creating a new vision to hold the community together as they started again. Suffice it to say, they thought Hive was worth fighting for. And it is. It makes all of this possible.

But at the same time, Hive seems to be the "forgotten" child in all of this tribal growth. While LeoFinance seems to be setting the world on fire, Hive sits between 20 something and 30 something cents and doesn't do a whole lot. While new communities issue tokens with miners that keep producing 10%, 20%, and even higher returns, Hive just does all the dirty work behind the scenes while it's price has very little to show for it.

That's about to change. If you don't believe me, read this.

Leave it to @taskmaster4450 to paint the picture and whet the appetite.

HiveLogo20210310 005131.gif

Hive and @Klye et al are aiming for Mars.

Whereas #LeoFinance is in the early stages of building out a defi platform to rival any out there right now, #Hive is looking at joining the ranks of the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. In fact, not just joining them. But being flat out better than them.

With huge fees, Ethereum faces some major hurdles in the coming months just to solve their current problems. They think they have a solution but only time will tell. While they're fixing problems from the past and present, competitors are starting up with those problems already dealt with. By the time Ethereum is "fixed", who knows what the next problem will be and/or how long it will take to find a work-around for that one.

BSC, on the other hand, is gaining market share hand over fist. But they are not decentralized. Thus, they have exposure to that ever-present 3rd party risk that most in the cryptoverse try to avoid like the plague. That said, sacrifices can be made when it comes to avoiding the fees Ethereum is collecting right now. But even so, I always feel like somebody is watching me when I use it. Weird, right? Anyway....


This is where #Hive comes in. Klye believes he can solve both of those problems while using Hive as the underlying "fee" token.

That is monumental!

Imagine doing transactions with virtually any cryptocurrency out there from the comfort of your Hive-Engine. Imagine those transactions are extremely fast, extremely cheap, and they actually burn Hive in the process. This creates a nice big "sink" and gives the whole chain some deflationary pressure. Now imagine you can buy into it at THIRTY CENTS A TOKEN. Or better yet, read some posts, make a few comments, and EARN those tokens for "free".

This is the opportunity in front of us right now. This time next year, it may be possible that you never have to leave the Hive ecosystem for anything. You'll be able to read about everything going on in the world in literally hundreds of different tribes all in one place. Sports, finance, technology, crypto, art, poetry, music, gaming; if you have an interest, it will be here somewhere.

You'll also be able to participate in the world of defi on a massive level if you so desire. Farming, staking, know the drill. On top of that, you will have access to one of the fastest, cheapest, and most familiar blockchain engines in the space. Which, incidentally, uses Hive as its "honey" so you don't have to worry about constantly getting ETH or BNB to pay for your transactions.

Plus, as an added bonus, the #Hive ecosystem seems to have an affinity for nurturing new products. It's like its own incubator and launch pad combined. Research, buy, sell, swap, stake......oh yeah, and you can write an article, tweet a tweet, or make a video and GET PAID at the same time. Other than that, this place will be pretty boring. :-)


Seriously, 30 CENTS.

NOW is indeed the perfect time, and THIS is definitely the perfect place. Get some.


As always, I'm not a financial advisor and I do own a stake in both Leo and Hive. Cryptocurrencies can and do go up and down and you could lose all of your money. Do your own research.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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It appears the 'hive mind' is coming together.

I've posted one or two of these(although fewer words LOL) once in while - and I see many other people like us posting as well.

Here's to hoping things are gonna get crazy (in a good way) !!!


It's coming. I'm not sure when, but it's coming. I'm just going to keep on filling my bags until it gets here. There's just so much good stuff coming down the pike. And if Leo or Cub or 3speak or whatever starts onboarding users, watch out. It won't take long to start it running.

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Seriously, there are so many different ways to accumulate tokens right now that every single person interested in this site should be reading every post they can and making comments or asking questions. You don't need anything at all to make money other than effort. Proof of Brain at it's finest.

That's an awesome mentality!

We're mid bull run with great gains seemingly still on their way for the foreseeable future. Exciting times! I've got some thoughts kicking around in my head for a post on earning crypto through "proof of brain" techniques so might write something up later today.

You're absolutely right there's lots of opportunities to acquire coins through active and passive work. Still require our time, but like most things that we create that has value, it requires some quality inputs. Funny enough HIVE just passed 35 cents..

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HIVE just passed 35 cents..

Yes, my timing has been good on these. lol I just wrote the one on LEO at 70 cents. Granted we all knew there was news coming but, almost 50% in a few days. Hopefully we see the same here. Although, personally, I would like to load up some more bags so if it chills for a while longer, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. Doesn't look like that's going to happen though. Too much coming down the pike....

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Yep, that is totally me, a day late and a dollar short. I have so many projects that I skipped or only went in at a minimal amount. Hive is probably one of the few projects that I have went into full force with just about everything I have. It will be nice to see all of that hardwork over the past three years finally bring some decent returns!

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Yeah, I think this will be a massive winner for all involved over the next few years. When you start putting all of the pieces together, the one-stop potential is amazing. And the one point I meant to add but forgot is that we are just getting started. It is such early days right now. The number of people participating in crypto is so miniscule that if you can find a project that will be around when the "masses" start coming in, you're going to make a lot of money. If you find one like Hive, that can be one of the landing spots for those masses.......scary good.

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I totally agree. After kicking around on here for a little over three years now it is easy to forget that this is still really early. We are way ahead of the pack when it comes to this place!

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It truly is. I go into the outside world and I look at every single person I meet and realize they don't "do crypto". I mean I literally know hundreds of people from golfing to reffing to my work to family and friends and there are maybe 2 that own bitcoin (not counting the five or six I finally convinced). And there are exactly zero that have gone any farther than that. So, so early....

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We are like ground floor express elevator to the penthouse!

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It's coming. I don't think we've quite qualified for "express" elevator yet but....maybe the freight elevator in the back that gets to prop the door open for a bit while it loads and then doesn't have to stop on every floor on the way up like the regular elevators do. lol

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