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RE: Can Hive Become Like Monaco?

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Size doesn’t matter

We know that Monaco will never rival the United States or China in size. It does, however, top them in wealth per individual.

You got me to think of Hive’s future in a new way with this post. Somehow I hadn’t imagined this possibility of a giant per capita wealth. Most of us only picture Hive gaining worldwide popularity and spreading wealth to everyone. However if it doesn’t explode to a massive user base, then there are still many ways that wealth can flow to the larger numbers of people who did indeed get involved.

Thanks for yet another perspective. Always killing it with your expansive thought processes.


That is true. Even if Hive is not the most populated blockchain in the world, that does not mean tremendous value is not here for all involved.

It is like @splinterlands. Will it become the biggest game in the world? Most likely not. However, for those who are consistently active and immersing themselves in it, the value of their holdings could be incredible over time.

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