On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 13

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What good D.Buzz friends?

As you know each week we do a round up post of a few particular buzz's. These posts are ones that our in-house rewards team has manually curated and sent an award to.

This week there is a cornucopia of great content. Such as, @drwngcnclsns showing us an illustration of a zodiac porridge of sorts, featuring fastening imagery, and of course pets, like the post from @jiasally showing off their two lovely cats (Hey use the hash tag #petsofhive nex time).

@rmach, reminded us to stay motivated and keep making at least 1% growth each day. @trayan, a New user to D.Buzz dorping some hot fresh art (WOW), and @oleftinka, posting an amazing photo a winter landscape.

These are only a few of the authors we have highlighted, and only a small selection all of the many great posts you can discover while surfing on D.Buzz . What one is your favorite?

Join the wave and check out this week's authors below!

On the Spot, Spot-on Rewards.
Week #13 (Starting | 01/15/2021)


Congratulations all of you, your content and imagery inspires us to post more. Keep being amazing!

  • What do you think, do you like the way this program is going?
  • How can we improve it?

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How do you earn a On-The-Spot Reward?

  • Quite simple, post quality content on D.Buzz. :D

As always thanks for reading and being part of our ever-growing community. D.Buzz is a platform for you, for the community.

  • Keep being amazing!

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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Thanks for the mention guys, you guys are awesome!

@dbuzz thanks for mentioning and the kind words!
my favorite Hive spot so far :)

Happy to be one of the winner. Thanks team