Polygon (MATIC) Bridge Announcement

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Hello there!

As you may know, I have announced @bscbridge about a month ago and so far, it has been working more or less without an issue. (Further explained below)

After the release and sudden popularity of Polygon (formerly MATIC) I have decided to also create a bridge for Polygon, aptly called @polygonbridge.

The drill is the same as BSC Bridge, send it >10 HIVE (not 20, MATIC fees are a lot cheaper) and you will receive MATIC (minus fees, same as BSC Bridge) on Polygon chain.

The BNB > HIVE (for BSCBridge, after my development, version 1 of this gateway, succumbed to issues) and MATIC > HIVE is currently work in progress, and I am expecting to have it finished soon™.

That's about it. :)

TLDR: @polygonbridge is released, it doesn't have too much MATIC as it is a WIP at the moment, UI later. MATIC > HIVE and BNB > HIVE will be fixed and released soon. No UI yet, just send >10 HIVE to @polygonbridge with your address in the memo.

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I'm not deathwing, but the fee is 2.5%.

Wow, that's cool :) I love it :)

Polygon is something I have since a long time on the list to look at. But never done.

great to have a connection now to it!

Good job!!!

Its been getting quite a bit of hype lately and I think its great we have another bridge. As it is one way, is the refill automatic or not? I am just wondering since I know you changed to an automated system for BSC bridge after looking at the transactions.

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Currently, it is manual. If I can ensure that nothing goes wrong, I might either make it fully automated or just fill in quite a large amount.

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nice work dude

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Sounds good. Do you have any plans to do a HIVE > BTC one? (Forgive me if that's a stupid question 😂)

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That's fantastic!

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That's awesome!! Thank you so much!!

Used it twice this morning. No problems, super fast.

I love it ! Great Job !


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Honestly, I was thinking about this a few days ago. What if we create a Polybridge just like BSCbidge. Nice one @deathwing! This is a thing of beauty. ;)

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I feel like I lack critical contextual information.

Good afternoon (here) @deathwing! Just now had the time to give your new bridge a try. Worked like a charm:


Got 20 HIVE converted in seconds. Seemed like "microseconds" even ... 🙂

Nice bit of work! 👍🚀

Now ...

I will see if I can get 40 HIVE across the bridge ...

P.S. This post does not say what to do, if there are any issues, i.e. your preferred method of contact. A DM on Discord? Hopefully, that will prove to be a question with which I will not need to be concerned ...

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Yeah, a DM on Discord is faster, however, I'll create a post on @polygonbridge account for support inquiries (similar to @bscbridge) tagging me on chain should work too. I get a discord notification anyways :)

Okay, very good @deathwing. Thank you kindly for the prompt response!

I got 40 HIVE across just fine. Now, I'll try 80 HIVE ...

P.S. A nice "adder" would be to see both the amount of MATIC returned (as you have set it up now), as well as the amount of MATIC that went to pay your 2.5% fee. I have to calculate that, unfortunately, due to paying taxes here in the U.S. The fee is tax deductible ...

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P.P.S. Finished getting 80 HIVE across, then the last 60 HIVE I had liquid => 200 HIVE total. Went flawlessly, without a hitch. Almost instantaneous! Very nice!! 👍🚀

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