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RE: Cryptocurrency: An Entirely New Wealth Class

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I find two use cases really interesting. One where people chat with each other and turn it into podcast. And other people pay or vote for that to reward. I mean think about it, in offline world this is never possible. Direct consumer benefit to the chatters was not possible before, but now we have that specific class.

Another thing that I have learned from my experience is the type of people who are playing games where they earn rewards which pay their bills. And some even may bridge the 3rd world or 2nd world wage gap by earning enough that lasts minimum 6 months to 1 year.

This was not possible before even with outsourcing or offshore company recruitment. Instead crypto made wealth move from one border to another.


Both are remarkable breakthroughs. And we still are in the early days.

What happens with another half decade of innovation and experimentation? We are going to see a ton of changes happening at that time.

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Agreed @taskmaster4450le

In time new businesses will be built upon Hive and LEofinance, using the existing infrastructure, but just new ideas.

These businesses will generate income, and they will create opportunities for people to provide their time and attention, and get paid.

Others will come and see the same system and see new possibilities.Then they will create new things, which will bring value, and others will reward them.

The key I think, will be the peer to peer nature of the interactions and the ability of peers to reward value where they find it, directly to those who create value.

It will be an endless realm of possibilitites, created by a simple construct; create value, reward value, create content, reward content, provide time and attention, be rewarded for time and attention. Rinse and repeat.

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Good odeas.
Thought and creativity will build many businesses and potential streams of income on this system, as value is rewarded by those who see value. And as many notions of value there are in the world, it provides enedless possibilitites.

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