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RE: We should be talking about rising rents rather than rising energy prices...

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In a world where the rich only cares for themselves what then can the vulnerables do. It is so pathetic that we are leaving in a crazy world.


I can show any 16 year old how they can stop at 25

anyone can be wealthy salary wont do it. I got laid off i learned how you really make money and its much easier if you really think instead of complaining i can litterally show you bc it will make me just as much

I actually came up with a way for me to make double on a complex and charge zero rent after 2 years.

If you analyze it w2 worst way to be paid. sch c can pretty much write off evrerything that W2s cant

Why wouldnt you take care of you first you cant help anything until u make like 10-100 million

I want my family to never need to struggle and work 50-110 hours a week.

So yes i will never give my money away until im all set and my kids have trusts