Let's talk about Curation Rewards

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Curation Rewards are one of Hive Blockchain features as you know.
At this moment it means everytime you upvote someone post (or comment), 50% of the value of your vote power return to you, 50% goes to author.

My daily curation rewards are about 3.. 4 hive.


I have right now 11,159.009 HP (Staked Hive Tokens - Hive Power) and give about 25/30 upvotes per day.

According to https://hivestats.io/ my Curation APR is 11.5%


How are you performing your Curation Rewards?


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Currently at 10,6%. It fluctuates a lot, sometimes it is at <10% and I can´t tell why.

Same here lol
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Currently at 10.5% and earning around 0.57 Hive daily at 1950 Hive Power.

To be honest, I know that the my APR could be higher but I still am happy as hell with my curation earnings considering the passive aspect of them.

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