Degen Crypto Memes - Yet Another Experiment With Non Fungible Words

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After yesterday's experiment with Anti Viral Memes, I thought to pivot a bit, and also choose a more narrow niche.

Introducing Degen Crypto Memes: a collection of NFT memes aimed at hardcore crypto aficionados, also known as degens.

If you want to know more about the rationale behind this project, have a look at my previous post. The TLDR is that no one knows what they're doing, or what specific innovation will take off, we're all just doing trials and errors here.

So the idea behind this spin is that many memes in the crypto space are very specific, the lingo is seemingly incomprehensible for anyone outside the groups, and there is a certain self-irony, or self-condescendescence. I don't know if self-condescendence, but it sounds cool.

I also chose a less granular price strategy this time: there is a collection floor, shared by 3 items, an then everything else is just freely left to bids, on a 7 days window.

Given how the market is acting these days, by far my favorite one is this one:


Please keep in mind this is just an image, if you want the NFT for this one, you will have to bid on this item.

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