One Third Of The Streak Is Over - How's It Going For You?

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One third of January is behind us already. That means we have only two thirds of the #januarystreak writing thingie I proposed at the beginning of the year. Surprisingly, the streak got way more momentum than I initially thought. Just looking at the searches for the tag, it seems like quite a few people tried their hand at it.

Knowing that in any 30 days challenge there are few pivotal points (one third, half and two thirds, respectively) I thought to ask some questions in today's post. They are related obviously to the streak, and I'll be the first to answer to them.

1. How's the strike going so far? Any difficulties?

In all honesty, this is going way easier than my 365 days writing challenge. But sometimes I do feel a bit tired, because I already started work on other projects (including my day job) and time is scarce now.

2. What's the main blocker?

For me it's time, not topics. I sometimes struggle to find even 30 minutes of continuous focus for this. But it's still doable.

3. What were the topics you wrote so far about?

About half of my posts were about some kind of Hive event (the airdrops on January 6th, onboarding and market movements), while the rest were my usual ramblings about where the society is heading, and some broader crypto topics (an answer to Moxie Marlinspike take on web 3 and Ethereum optimistic rollups).

4. Is there any writer that stood up for you during the streak? Discovered someone?

I knew them before, but not as (constant) writers, so this was a nice surprise: @eroche, @frederikaa.

That's it for now.

I will tag a few people that I already know they started this, but don't be shy if I didn't tag you. Leave your answer in the comments, or write an entire new post on your own blog.

@heskay, @steemmillionaire, @mrenglish, @hjrrodriguez, @nickyhavey.

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Lol, I failed a couple of days already with the streak but that was to be expected going back to work again last week and have enjoyed being offline. Will see if I can keep going for the rest of the month :)

Thanks for the mention. I am enjoying this streak, its pushing me out of my comfort zone and I am meeting different people.

How's the strike going so far? Any difficulties?

It's going well but there is a risk of dropping quality when you are aiming to pump out something every day. I was worried about this on Sunday so I chose to miss a day instead of just pumping out something.

What's the main blocker?

Difficult to consistently find some time to write. I am preplanning what I will write and choosing topics I can put into a short series, split over several posts.

What were the topics you wrote so far about?

For each post I have picked a different community to post to. Depending on the community I am choosing different topics. My Punk Nylah introduced herself to the world, I wrote a movie review and also a few to my regular communities, Ireland and Hive Stats.

Is there any writer that stood up for you during the streak? Discovered someone?

A picture paints a thousand words

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Thanks and congrats, keep at it! Thanks for the charts too, very telling. Didn't realize that 21 people got paid $2,107 as a result of this, nice :) That's roughly $100/person.

I just saw the end of the challenge post. I would absolutely love to attend such an event. I hope you start a series like this in February.