We're On Track For 3 Airdrops, And The First Week Of 2022 Is Not Even Over

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Granted, they were on the radar for quite some time, these airdrops, more than 3 months, if I remember well. But, still, they happened in a very short time window.

A small recap.

A few hours ago a snapshot was made for the LARYNX miner token, which will be distributed over the next 12 months to everybody who had HIVE / Hive Power at that time. As far as I understand, the same snapshot will also be used for the NFT game Ragnarok (please correct me if I'm wrong).

And, on top of that, we're waiting for the PolyCUB, to be released SoonTM, after a series of daily snapshots for CUB holders (which lasted a month, if I'm not wrong, again).

Not many details are known now about the number of tokens, just some approximations. The final numbers will be known only after the snapshots are correlated with the tokenomics of each airdrop. Nevertheless, these airdrops aren't plagued by any premine or private sale, so they're "clean", the only criteria for the value you'll receive is the number of Hive / Cub tokens. Which is good, especially for those who remember how much of a drag that ninja mine of Steem was in the first years of this blockchain.

I'm not going to lie, it's a nice way to start the year. We still have 52 weeks to go, so one can only speculate that things will get better. Nobody knows for sure, though, but everybody is allowed to hope. As long as we don't get too attached to that hope, we should be good.

#JanuaryStreak First Week

This is my 7th post for #januarystreak. It's not a challenge, per se, it's a streak, meaning you try to post continuously, every day, for as long as you can. If you can make it every day until the end of January, you kinda made it.

The reason for this streak is that January is, traditionally, quite a gloomy month, and sticking to a small habit may help. To see that at the end of the month it wasn't all doom and gloom (which the markets are trying to convince now it is, by the way) and see that you at least wrote every day, should give a little bit of a boost to that self-esteem thingie.

Congrats to all who made it so far, I know you're quite a few out there.

Onwards and upwards!

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Thanks for the Airdrop information - I didn’t know about LARYNX!

How did you do this for a whole year? After a week on the streak i have so much more respect for doing this for a whole year. I am enjoying it though. Finding new communities I'll return to.

The first part is the most difficult, until you get into a certain rhythm. Congrats for your first week!

Thanks for updating us on the latest airdrops! Soon we will need a page that summarises all the airdrops going on and where to claim them! I certainly don't want to miss any... For now I will just keep an eye on your posts. It seems like you are always on top of this stuff!


Thanks and good luck!

Yes thanks for the three airdrop reminder. I bought some extra Hive yesterday to capitalize on the drop snapshot.

Well done on the daily blog writing. I put myself on a marathon writing spree last year and am slowing down this year for now. A natural cycle of productivity is always good.

A natural cycle of productivity is always good.

Totally agree! Last year I wrote a post every day for 365 days, this year I'm talking it way slower. Hence the term "streak" instead of "challenge".

Do you have any idea how do you claim the airdrop for larynx?

As far as I understood, there will be a separate site where you can claim it. Waiting for clarifications from 3speak.

More airdrop set to be rolled out

Then definitely more hive to acquire to hold on for more snapshot

Keep us posted on how we can claim the airdrop. Following you.