Bizarre Price Pattern Likely Not Organic

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The unusual HIVE activity spotted a few days ago wasn't a reporting glitch, and it's back with a vengeance! This is clearly not organic, and could be caused by somebody exploiting a vulnerability to make millions.

It appears there's nothing we can do about this issue, and most community leaders have thus far been silent about it.

I've looked at various other crypto prices, including STEEM, and they aren't having any price volatility like HIVE is seeing. Was it just related to the fork? If so, why is it still happening, and possibly even getting worse?

Here's the past week:

That brief spike (yesterday) saw the price jump from 0.151 USD to 0.183 USD and back in 3 hours flat. That's more than 20%!

Let's hope this isn't a signal that the HIVE currency is broken, or that somebody has found a way to siphon out what little value it has left.



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If I only knew how to read blockchain I would spend time on who are doing the transfers.

Is that possible fool?

Damn you inner voice, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. Don't ruin a good story with the truth..

Hive isn't working well for me over the past few days.
Steem is working well, and payouts are higher there. Just saying.

Same here. Icons aren't loading/displaying for me, and the number of comments on a post isn't displaying correctly. This post said it had 1 comment, but there are clearly almost 10.

It's very simple...the spikes in price are all (for the most part) on the korean exchange Upbit. Due to the hardfork most exchanges have withdrawals disabled so there is no way of doing arbitrage so they are doing their thing over there.

Once all exchanges enable withrawals and deposits the price will level off.

I always ask myself this question, why are human beings so selfish? always trying to take advantage of everything without worrying about others who also need to survive, I think there are evil hands in all this, we no longer know where to work, so much corruption everywhere.

Yes, most of us are selfish, but want others to be giving and kind. Most of us are greedy but want others to be generous. Most are rude but want others to be pleasant. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world, as the saying goes :)

Strange indeed.

It looks like nothing I've seen on a price chart before.

@tipu curate

Many exchanges had their wallets disabled relating to the hard fork, nothing new or unusual there.