December is here and it's the Power Up Day! 🐝 (My 4th💪)

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Dear Hivers!

The days pass quickly and so do the months, and incredibly it's already December the last month of 2022. We think now in December, a very special time is coming, magic and inspiring days full of bright and joy. We are wishing many things and looking forward to beautiful celebrations.
So let's start today to be happy, today is the Power UP Day🐝, we have to take advantage of it because it's only for a few hours and then it will be next year... So Happy last Power Day of 2022 and more to come in 2023! And Merry Christmas!

It is therefore my forth Power Up Day, and I must say that now it has been much easier than the first time, and faster! So I say this for those who are still confused and do not know very well how to do it or what all this is. Ask and look for information about it, I leave here the posts with useful information, both in general, thanks to @hivebuzz and @traciyork, as well as for the Hispanic community, thanks to @victoriabsb and here the links:

Now all this process is more familiar, just needed some patience the first times, I have changed my HBD for HIVE in the market, something that seemed complex or strange months ago, now it is becoming a simple task. And it seems it will be easier now after the last update of Ecency, on the "market" section, there is a swap option, very intuitive!

I have confirmed and finally quickly made my forth POWER UP but this time only 10 HIVE again, because I want to withdraw also some HIVE to have some extra earnings in these days when there will be many expenses too, right? And this time I have done this through Ecency instead of Hive.

My goal is to continue growing on the platform, I'm publishing quite regularly, I try one per day, or each two days... and step by step sometimes I get good results, hope more in the next 30 days! (I checked

In any case, I still have a lot to learn about the ecosystem, since there are many things I don't know but we are working on it, I think there is a lot of positive things here.

My HIVE POWER now grows again, already more than 953 HP!!! and my goal is to reach before the end of the year the big number of 1000HP. So it means that this must be achieved very soon, it will be another milestone on Hive!

Well, friends, today some issues here but still ready for the Power Up. Come on, don't miss this day there is still time left to take advantage of the Power UP Day and the possible prizes without forgetting the appropriate hashtags on your day post about the Power Day, and fulfilling the requirements mentioned as well like the minimum of 10HIVE, or for example for the Hispanic Community don't forget also to set this post with the rewards to 100% power up...

And soon you will have a badge too! Just hurry up!

Happy Power Up Day and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading! Have a happy and powerful day.


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Pues feliz HPUD! Espero que logres ganar alguno de los premios que dan con las iniciativas que promueven esta actividad.

Yo también pienso lo mismo que hay tantas cosas por aprender dentro de la blockchain y uno va a pasos de tortuga jajaja pero lo importante es que estamos en ello.

Éxito con alcanzar tu meta de HP no dudo que lo logres :D

¡Muchísimas gracias! Una vez sí tuve la suerte de un pequeño premio, pero bueno en general como dicen se trata de invertir en tu propio perfil de esta manera, a ver... Yo voy haciendo caso a lo que van comentando gente que lleva más tiempo por aquí, porque es verdad, hay mucho por aprender y me pierdo jaja

Poco a poco vamos haciéndonos más a la plataforma y a todo lo que ofrece, pero como es tanto vamos despacito, algunos más que otros, pero lo importante es estar y evolucionar a nuestro ritmo y estilo.

¡Feliz Día amiga!


Thank you so much 💜🙏

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I am sure you will get to 1000HP by the end of the year. And you'll share the good news in the next power up day. Congratulations on this feat.

Thanks a lot 😊 it should be nice, to start the new year with that good new. Happy December!

Yeah. I can already feel the excitement of starting the new year with goodnews 🙈🥺


Happy Hive PUD @duvinca 💪🐝

Thanks a lot, it's great to be part of it!