Get Lunar New Year Gifts "Hong Pao", This Is The Right Time To Invest!

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Happy Lunar New Year 2021.

Gong xi fa cai, Xin Nien Kuai Le


Chinese New Year is definitely an annual moment eagerly awaited because we will get "Hong Pao" or red envelopes when gathering in Chinese family or from the boss if we work as employees of ethnic Chinese. Then what is the Chinese New Year gift money for? If only wasted, of course there will be nothing left that is useful and will just run out.

Today's investment is an important thing that must be done by everyone. Remember, investing is not for getting rich because that is still a distant goal and it takes step by step to achieve it. The investment goal is to achieve our financial goals. Education funds, house buying funds, car buying funds, wedding funds, etc.

Investing is synonymous with "cold money", or money that we don't use for a certain period of time. For those of us who have had difficulty starting investing, the Imlek moment can actually be a good opportunity to learn to invest in the right investment instrument.

Pandemic times teach us many things, besides the importance of maintaining health as well as awareness of the importance of saving money to avoid bad conditions as an emergency fund. Currently, there are many investment instruments that can be a long-term investment choice such as cryptocurrency, as well as capital markets such as stocks, mutual funds, etc. which can be started with a minimum fund. All of these investment instruments allow us to be adaptable and flexible in dealing with financial problems, especially for emergency funds.


•° Cryptocurrency is an investment instrument that is in great demand by many people today, especially in 2021 cryptocurrency is currently on the ATH ladder and proves that cryptocurrency has begun to be accepted by the public and important entities to become financial solutions. Doing trading activities on crypto market exchanger platforms or as holders of potential coins that can provide large returns in the long term such as bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

•° Mutual funds are also an option to choose from, are low risk and of course tax free, and can provide a slightly higher return than savings deposits.

•° What about stocks? Stocks are also an investment instrument that is much in demand by millennials today. We can start with very small capital, buy a stock based on the company's fundamental analysis and hold for several years. Bluechips stocks can be a safe alternative choice, good company fundamentals and a large market cap. Or we can start by becoming a trader in the capital market (securities), but of course we have to learn about technical analysis and market conditions as well as risk management. High return high risk!

•° Gold Bar, is also a good investment choice. Although gold is not an investment product, gold can be a means to keep inflation at bay. Gold bullion is a great investment tool to use as an emergency fund, can be sold at any time or pawned for some time when we need money.

•° P2P Lending is a marketplace concept that brings together borrowers and lenders, if in Indonesia there is Koinworks, Linktree, etc. Peer to peer lending is an excellent alternative to developing funds for lenders. Moreover, if we have more funds that we want to develop, but we don't know where to allocate it. Investment fundamentals also apply here, where we have to analyze the loans we want to fund.

Maybe there are many other investment instruments that are attractive and an option. Of course, keep in mind that investing is not without risks. The most important thing is how we have the ability to manage these risks.[]

So, what are your investment options?



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very good article. I also really wanted to freeze some assets in cryptocurrency, but the pandemic made it very difficult for me to do that.

Pandemic change all of our financial goal. Maybe if someday have a "cold fund" can start to build investation again.

salam kk dwita...
apakabarnya sekarang ni, semoga kakak sehat selalu ya. :D

Alhamdulillah baik ☺️

Investors are like to invest in cryptocurrencies and stock markets. Thank you @dwiitavita

Thank you for stopping by

Ur shit is crap!

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Can you explain what's your meaning!

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