El Salvador on volcanic BTC| No thanks at Thanks given

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El Salvador is going ahead with their plans to pass laws that will extract the country's lava and use it to power its digital mining. Particularly the country is involved in mining bitcoin and has been doing so for some years now. I read that they are making plans of putting 1 billion into this operation.

I’ve been following up with what @taskmaster talks about this and it seems like this is not going so well for them. I would be interested to know what he thinks.

It would be a lazy thought (and I am the king of lazy thoughts) to simply equate adoption to progress in a Nation but I know that that’s not how life works so, I am giving 50% of my El Salvado time to hear what everyone else is saying.

Even in the comment section of this post, I can see people begging (playfully) they want to leave El Salvador.

While people continue to analyse the crypto market and come up with one speculation of the future price. I am sticking to my guns that bitcoin does not listen to all these people. Bitcoin follows more trends and news than what people have analysed.

No thanks at thanksgiving

People have been talking bout the coindesk post on tweeter about how this time last year was an amazing time for the crypto market.

Right now last year the prices of Bitcoin prices were making new highs and your family probably asked you to explain what bitcoin was to them. You probably lay back on the dining table as you had this cool smirk and told them “well Bitcoin is the end of governmental tyranny” and they looked at you with surprise and confusion and that ended in you investing money for them, your mom, your dad, sisters and brothers. Heck, granny might have even chipped in some part of her retirement money.

Now you are looking at the market thinking of how you’ll face family this year. Lol, I say go home and take your L. Well it's not exactly your L, it’s the whole market’s L.

It's like you introduced your sibling to a friend’s business to invest and the friend got mugged. How were you supposed to know?

But here we are so, go take this L for us.

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