ECOBANK Presale closes Friday! Summer Roadmap

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Time is moving fast, and the presale is almost closing. If you would like to participate in this project at the 'cheapest official price', please follow the directions in this post.

I am working on some upgrades to our website, which can be seen here:

Upgrades include: featured image (for facebook and twitter sharing), front-page description of the project (see marketing section below) and a frequently asked questions page (already published)

I think the above will be the featured image. Any feedback?

Steps forward - Accounting

Today I have a follow up meeting with our newly confirmed accounting team. We will be discussing the finer details of moving the funds we have raised into the 'Colombian Banking System' as well as details for selling new shares in a second funding round for pesos. These two operations have similar results (pesos in our corporate Colombian bank account) but must be accounted differently.

Our goal, as always, it to manage a completely legitimate project under the relevant Colombian laws, and that will not change. Our whole team has a strong belief in these new technologies, and we are eager to actually do the hard work to get them integrated into the real world, not to make the (perhaps easier) loopholes and vague statements so many projects must do to try to avoid scrutiny.


As you may know, our original marketing pitch was 'put your crypto gains into land', and that fell pretty flat as we launched into a pull back that turned into what seems like a full bear market, even if its short term.

On a future pump, we may be able to sell this line, but for now, we are working out an entirely new marketing pitch, one that revolves around our outstanding model for sustainable and profitable community development. Our intention will be to attract 'normies' from outside of crypto and onboard them to HIVE for the reason of holding their ECOBANK tokens in their wallet - having self-custody of their assets.

This requires a branded HIVE keychain guide, luckily I have already done two of these, one for dCity and one for PsyberX. So this step will be quite easy for me to accomplish, and it will be good timing for me to do it soon as HIVE Keychain has just released a great new update so I can get some new screenshots.

Pitch round 2 - Spanish (and English)

We are working on the simple guides in spanish, I have received some feedback and will be updating our first round of guides, for you spanish speakers the originals can be viewed here:

Blockchain and the Decentralized Universe
Let's talk about price
What is a stable coin?
'Staking' - the time vault

Staking is a particularily difficult one, the concept does not exist in spanish. I will be updating to new versions of these at the same time we are finalizing our pitch document for the ECOBANK project, using these four concepts as important backlinks throughout the document.

I will also be going to the US, and I will be using our new marketing pitch to talk to people where ever I go and continue to improve the pitch and explanations as I encounter new questions, and lots of the same old questions. This summer will be very exciting time for our project!

Tourist packages

Over the summer we will be releasing our first complete tourist packages, both for 8 days and 15 days. We are working on a couple of different models - our goal is to give members something to sell to start earning their commissions. This will be the fastest way to earn money from the project, and of course get the project earning money by getting people down here.

This is another reason we are excited to have local, Spanish speaking investors, because we need not just sell to foreign tourists, the national tourism scene is very wide ranging and there is money to be made.

Other steps

As we talk about this with people locally, other parts of our dream come into view. After we finish up the tasks listed above, I will be writing about how our development bank will work with other projects for the future. There is a lot going on right now to focus too much on what we will do next, but know that we have it in mind and are already sketching out the details within our team as to how it might work. There are a lot more money making development projects than just tourism - this is just the beginning!

Leave your comments and questions below - the token market will open the week following the June 3rd closing of the presale, so if you want you can purchase some ECOBANK tokens directly for SWAP.HIVE - at what price, only the market can decide!

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I bought some ecobank tokens. Do I get the token send to the hive-engine. I use swap.hbd so not sure if you received !

You are confirmed, tokens will go out next week!

Thanks so much. It's like a amazing project. I see if I can get more funds to buy extra !

well i spent hive on all kinds of things in last few years. i would never thought i would spend HBD on something like this. will be fun :D

It's nice to see everything take off. Were you able to get enough funding through the pre-sale?

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Its still trickling in, got another top tier investor in yesterday, I will say we have plenty to work with, and continue the project forward.

Wen moon?

Moon soon!

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