I plan to be a Dolphin again soon!

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Hey everyone! As I mentioned in this post, I'm now working to recover my Hive Power goal is to become a Dolphin again in the next couple of months. I'm posting more regularly, and I'm getting good rewards. I'm also doing power-ups like there is no tomorrow.


Check out these graphs:

7 Days


30 Days


When I wrote the last post, the graph was like this:


I think that at one time, I had more than 10k Hive in this account, but for several reasons, I decided to power down some of the Hive, and then the plan changed, and I wanted to have more Hive in @aliento. The lowest point was almost 1,200, that was about 35 days ago or so. I have almost tripled that Hive Power. Well, maybe this week I will achieve that.


I will be a Dolphin again, maybe sooner if I can keep up this pace by the end of September. I appreciate all the support and this great opportunity to be in Hive.

Let's keep growing!

Greetings from Mexico.

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Eres alguien que trabaja muy duro y con mucho ahinco por el engrandecimiento de HIVE. Estoy segura de que muy pronto alcanzaras una de estas tantas metas que te has propuesto y esperan por ti. Gracias por tu aporte al ecosistema y por tu amor a HIVE. Un abrazo y mis mejores deseos por tu exito! @eddiespino

¡Muchas gracias Mary! Las metas o planes se han ido ajustando pero el objetivo general es el mismo, crecer para poder ayudarme a mi, a mi familia y ayudar a todos los usuarios de Hive.

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You always put out good work my friend keep it up!

Thanks bro! I will keep hustling!

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muy buenas estadisticas dude! sigue asi

Gracias amigo!

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Vas por buen camino, saludos desde Venezuela, éxito.

¡Muchas gracias! Saludos.

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Just buy it? It's alot easier and quicker

Lol, if I could, I would be an Orca by now. But currently, I don't have all the resources. I can buy some but not a big amount. Currently, Hive and the projects that I'm working on, like 3Speak, are my only sources of income, and I'm building more. And also, I just made a huge investment in equipment to improve content creation tools and work faster and better.

I may have the opportunity to buy a good chunk soon, but that may take time.

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With your earning now, you will get there for sure. :)

Thank you! I'm expecting to do it very soon.

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