Market Watch: Cub to Burn 100% in next IDO.

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After the third main supply-shock ($44.5k) was confirmed: the market clearly became unstable as the trendline (teal) continued up very quickly and flipped resistance. What happens from here will make or break market confidence. Personally I think we are going to confirm supply shock once or twice more at this $44.5k level over the next two weeks.

There is also the chance we start trading in the $45k-$40k range again, which would fully smash retail confidence at this point. Fickle things, retail investors.



September is crap.

The war of work and school are back. People spent too much money in the summer. Everyone needs to tighten. Money is not flowing. Just gotta get past this bad moon cycle and we are on to a potential mega-bubble at the end of the year. At this point it looks like Hive will go something like x10-x100. Yeah, that's a big range. DCA accordingly.

LEO massively oversold.

I can't seem to get myself to buy more LEO, but I know it's oversold because of previous price action. I was selling LEO into Hive at a 4:1 ratio and now my 10x rule is kicking in.

If I once sold LEO for 4 Hive a piece, wouldn't it be smart to buy some back at a 0.33:1 ratio? That's an x12 difference, friends. But honestly I still think Hive has a lot more pump left as there seems to be a major supply-shock somewhere in the 50-75 cent range. Bulls gobbled that range up and it doesn't look like it's getting dumped back on the market anytime soon.

Meanwhile, LEO has been stuck in a soon™ cycle for a while now.

The ratio might get worse before it gets a whole lot better.

Both Hive and LEO potentially have huge airdrops at the end of the year. This is another reason to hold both. With as much Hive as I have to my name at this point, my 3Speak airdrop is going to be massive. Ditto with LEO, I might have 100k by the time the airdrop for Project Blank comes down the pipe.

This is the time to start pricing in airdrops.

Speculation on airdrops doesn't start to get fierce until about 3 months before they happen. I would guess that we are somewhere in the 3-6 month range for both of these airdrops, which is where diehard holders can get in before the speculators come in and make everything more volatile and chaotic.

The real hope here is that CUB pumps and I can take that value and distribute it back to Hive and LEO. The market should be bottoming out for the next two weeks if the moon cycle has anything to do with it... which has been insanely accurate for months now.

And why would CUB pump?

Well the next IDO coming down the pipe is Polygon (Matic) CUB. 100% CUB will be burned in this one, so half doesn't need to be paired to USD. This means the price can't go down this time around like it did with Cakepop.

Also the price is back to hardcore 50 cent support levels. I've gone back to ultra-holding my farm, and I'm sure many others will as well now that there's no more "bonus" for selling. Less and less whales are speculating on IDOs being a bullish event because of the lack-luster first one combined with soon™.

The next CUB pump is going to be 100% organic from a actual fundamental gains that can't be speculated on at this point. That's exciting. I know a lot of people in the community are going to burn quite a bit of CUB to get on the Polygon platform.

This is going to increase the kingdom yield by quite a bit, as many of the hardcore users are going to want to diversify to the other network. Obviously, there will also be pressure to buy from the LPs. An increasing price will push yields up, cause impermanent losses, and domino effect into higher price FOMO.


I'm not sure how much momentum we'll get over the next two weeks, or even if there will be an IDO by then. However, if it does come down the pipe by then and pump CUB when everything else is fully bottomed out... that will certainly be the time to fill up the other bags with CUB. Too bad I never follow my own advice when it comes down to making the decision in the moment.

My greed is infinite!

No I can't sell CUB it's going to keep going up!


Trust is needed.

The first IDO was by a team we know nothing about. The second comes from the LEO dev team. Who do we trust more? This next IDO is going to burn exponentially more in a way that can only pump the price up and drive up the yield of the kingdom.

So I should buy CUB?!?

Not really... this is all coming from the perspective of someone who has stake in all four of the main pools:

  • Den
  • bLEO/BNB

Each has a unique advantage that I have talked about extensively. So when I say that CUB is bottoming out and I'm not dumping my farm on the market anymore... that's a lot different that taking value from somewhere else and pumping it into this network. I could only see myself doing that if one of my other bags went x10 and I was looking to rebalance the value. Rather this is the exact thing I hope happens with CUB in the coming weeks/months so I can rebalance into other assets that haven't mooned yet. LEO and Hive are at the top of that list.

Hive > Steem

It's also nice to see that we are holding our $25M market cap lead on Steem these days. I expect that gap will continue to widen as that empty husk of a network chugs along. Honestly enough time has passed that a lot of this is water under the bridge and I don't really care, but there will be a certain satisfaction achieved when Hive is trading 10x higher than the "sister chain". We have all the devs; we have the community; we win. Just a matter of time at this point.


September is trash month.
The real fun starts in October.

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I lost so much money with Cub. So much ….

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The Den took the brunt of hyperinflation, that's for sure.
Luckily we are on the verge of hyper-deflation to balance that out.

I magically turned $2,000 into $87 …. Worst crypto investment ever.
So far.

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haha how is that even possible?
I'm sorry for your loss.

Buying on the 1st day for $11 each … using BNB to buy it… watching cub drop to .51 pennies ….

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The FOMO was bad as it took me 2 days to figure out how to buy cub on BSC… what a complete disaster

Yeah sucks. I know how you feel. The burns doesn't work like promised. 10% is not enough to maintain a high price.

It's very obvious that no one graduated with marks worth bringing up from finance school in the the Leo dev community. NFT and Liquidity Pool are child's play that banks have done for years, but moron crypto investors are sensationalized by.

We are supposed to be innovating here, not using concepts invented in the 1300s.

Steem should be no more than 3 cents. Same as DOGE.

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But control the memes = controls the universe.

Dogecoin was my best investment ever. I turned $10 into $5,000 ….

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I just need Khal to go shill CUB to some Polygon telegram groups. This is an IDO id like to get into.

Is the 3Speak airdrop going to be based on staked Hive or is liquid hive included? Same question for Leo and the project blank airdrop.

3Speak can be liquid

My guess is that Project Blank will be powered up LEO, bLEO, and wLEO. Although we might have presence on Polygon by that point as well. pLEO perhaps?

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Exciting times ahead for both of them and some extra marketing push would be awesome tbh.

September has so far not been that great. With lot of things lined up for the coming months, we should be seeing exciting times. Believe the cub pump is imminent also. Seems great to get on it at the moment

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I think cub will never pump without outside attention. The last one was close to 100% of investors in that do was already cub holder.

Maybe with poly/hive/bsc swaps the burns become higher. We will see.

I hodl, and look what happens :D Cub is like my blurt "investment".

Considering the yields in play the CUB den was a very greedy place to be. The yield was bad because it was crowded with so much greed and prospective moonbag speculators. Providing liquidity was a way safer play that consistently yielded more than double the APR then the den. Yet, people still put their value into the den that had terrible yield and high risk. The only reason to have money in the den is if you're going extremely long and know for a fact the price is going up. This remains true until so many people leave the den that the yield becomes worth it again.

The Den has 60% dominance a lot of the time. That's 60% of every coin in existence not up for sale on a yield farming network. It was cub bulls that allowed this volatility and seeded a crash to happen by not pairing CUB to BUSD and stabilizing it with liquidity.

I had most my value in the LPs, and I have not be disappointed. The massive yields and compounded gains have mitigated all losses, and this is coming from someone who's biggest bag is CUB/BNB LP tokens. Even while BNB was crashing I was able to stay afloat. If I had been 100% in the CUB/BUSD pool the entire time I would have made bank. I missed out on at least $10k-$20k on that blunder. Trading the market is too difficult.

good play :)

Yeah in general it is the smartest thing to do.

Been grabbing up LEO and CUB like crazy right now. Most likely will all month. Lots about to happen in the next few months.

I’d rather be buying Dark Energy Crystals

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You're going to regret that.

why is that?

The current situation in the market leads most of the holders to stake their tokens on the platform they trust.

I really should step up my LEO game. I have a feeling it won't be as cheap in the not so distant future

The World is in a liquidity crisis and ever since CUB launched I have seen Leo become victim to the lack of liquidity that is hurting a lot of regular stock markets.

If it really is over sold, launching a sidechain liquidity pair might have killed the token in the long term.

I was using Leo, but once that LP madness got to their small cap markets I didn't see anything good coming for it.

We have plenty of liquidity.

AMM provides exponentially more liquidity than legacy order books.
Huge LEO and CUB whales can move in and out of the market with ease.
I should know because I am one.
I constantly strive to own 1% of CUB and 1% of LEO.
That is a gigantic amount.

If it really is over sold, launching a sidechain liquidity pair might have killed the token in the long term.

I'm going to come back to this reference after a couple more IDOs and see if it still applies.
Too many people out there don't realize what is about to happen.
The first IDO sucked away all the FOMO and speculation of this event.
That means these fundamentals are 100% not priced in.

The next IDO burns 100% CUB, and a lot more of it than the first IDO.
It's going to be a good run, and there are 4 other IDOs lined up behind it.

Cool, I appreciate your insight on the matter, feel free to tag me.

I was one of the ones who panic sold CUB because of exactly what I said, at least you have a logical rebuttal and a time based interpretation of the market.

So many forget how relevant time is to volume...

POB and anything Splinterlands have been the place to be. Got any plots ?

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I have never had a blockchain game appeal to me very much, I just put the tokens in the diesel pools so u capitalize on the trend.

I have never actually played … I just bought 300 Steemmonsters cards in 2018 and now collect SPS and stake to earn 130% apr

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I hate any kind of "magic" in games. Even seeing the word mana on Hive here pisses me off.

I hate psuedo-spiritual people who have pseudo-scientific beliefs.

These kind of games virtual signal to people who are mentally challenged about the influence of Astral deities in their life, that their imagery friends are real.

I especially like the magic of 120% APR yields staking my SPS.

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Supply and Demand are relevant to inflation though.

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Juicy prediction going down the line.
I can smell HODL all the way around the community.
Let's shake September effect
away and ready for the airdrop.


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I bought some cub today, I sent a deposit to HE yesterday to buy LEO, but it's stuck for now!

I agree, the LEO CUB combo is getting ready for a round 2 of growth

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A 10x to 100x for HIVE is going to be definitely amazing.

As for the IDO, I am little skeptical after how the first one went. I do know its run by the Leo team so I won't have to worry about sketchy tokenomics.

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Thanks of keeping me in the know with all the HIVE related things. Had no idea about 3 speak. Any other HIVE based drops I should know of?

I'm busy with my single focus on leo/cub and all my normie marketing efforts. :-)

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Getting leo and Cub is good,so that, when the market pump again.we will expect much profit from it

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I got free cub, think it was $14 for like 5 mins and then it crash, like allllll other coins that are given for free.

When it was $0.70 lots of fomo articles were written now its apparently $0.51 after its first IDO lol

I wish them luck but I doubt anyone other than a few “insiders” (probably not the right word) who will profit big. I am too lazy to check and don’t really care but sure a few have been dumping LEO for a while lol.

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When saying CUB will burn 100% there is one question that immediately pops up: 100% of what? To my understanding it will be 100% of the IDO pool rewards, while CUB generated from other pools/dens will still be available on the market. Also all CUB burned on BSC will appear on Polygon, so it's more like wrapping CUB rather than burning

Happy to hear the news about CUB
We hope that this project could gain more trusts again

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