Metaverse. Metaverse Metaverse? Metaverse!

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The metaverse is not a thing.

People have been using this buzzword a lot lately.

  • It's annoying.
  • It's ignorant.
  • It's arrogant.
  • It's before its time.
  • No one knows what it is.
  • Fake it till you make it.

Facebook can't build the Metaverse.

People running around worrying that Facebook is going to "own" the Metaverse: is like people running around worrying that Facebook will "own" the Internet. The entire value of the Internet is that no one owns it. It's too big to be owned. Sure, there are some big ass mega-tech corps out there carving out their corner of the market, but it's very clear at this point that no single company will rise up and suddenly capture the entire Internet. That's ludicrous. The entire value proposition of the Internet is that it is far larger than any single entity, by exponential bounds.

In the context of the Metaverse, this is even more silly.

Do you know what invades my brain when I see these fools saying this catch phrase without any idea of what they are talking about? Here we go:

Just a bunch of bubbling fools mumbling the same word over and over.

Metaverse. Metaverse Metaverse? Metaverse!

Like seriously... look at this article.

Top 15 Metaverse Coins Under $ 1

Congratulations: you've shown you're total and utter ignorance twice. Once by falling into the trap that coins under $1 are a good deal (totally subjective) and again by saying there are 15 metaverse tokens when the metaverse doesn't even exist. I seriously can't today. People are so dumb. I can't cope with this stupidity.

  • The Metaverse is an abstract idea.
  • It doesn't exist yet.
    • It won't exist for another 10-20 years.
  • No one can own it.
  • It will be bigger than the internet.
  • It will be governed by thousands of cryptocurrencies/communities.

I saw this article the other day about what the metaverse might look like. It was a group of people in a virtual office building staring at a whiteboard working for corporate America. That is fucking disgusting. Seriously. Barf.

How about we just do the same stupid bullshit we were doing before, but do it digitally with a VR headset and call it the Metaverse? Hm, how about not?

The next ten years are going to be so insane.

So many companies are going to go out of business when anyone can just log into a crypto network and be their own boss and make ten times the money they could in the legacy economy. Corporations are not going to survive the coming onslaught.

At this point all that is needed is the infrastructure and organization to accomplish such things. Clearly, this is not going to be easy, but once we have the templates, they will be copied and forked a thousand times over and will take control of the entire world, and the entire metaverse as well. Make no mistake, the legacy economy is in for a world of pain.

The only companies that are going to survive are going to be the ones that pivot accordingly. Amazon and Tesla are going to murder it. The metaverse is going to take all their employees, but guess what? By the time that happens they aren't even going to need employees.


In fact the metaverse gobbling up the entire workforce is going to increase automation by x1000. Crypto providing jobs to the community with 10x the pay means that all of a sudden robots become very very inexpensive forms of infinite labor compared to human labor.

The only reason automation hasn't taken over yet is because they can get away with paying people dogshit wages. People are cheaper than machines. Unskilled labor is the factoring farming mainstay of the legacy economy. It is cheaper to grow a human and feed/shelter it then it is to build a robot and perform upkeep. This will not be the case in ten years. This is capitalism hard at work. Money is all that matters. Capitalism does not care about morality, right, or wrong. Capitalism only cares about growth, be it cancerous or sustainable.


Are you also getting annoyed by all the metaverse namedrops? How can you not? At this point it's worse than "innovative", disruptive", and "paradigm" combined. Just for clarity, when you hear someone say "metaverse" there is a 95% chance they have absolutely no idea what the fuck they are talking about. I'm personally just wise enough to say that whatever the metaverse is, it will not reveal itself for at least a decade. So many major life-changing events will happen during that time. Never dull!

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So many companies are going to go out of business when anyone can just log into a crypto network and be their own boss and make ten times the money they could in the legacy economy.

We’re going to need a lot of robots. Who’s going to want to get paid to empty bed pans in a nursing home when they can make more at play to earn games?

Metaverse is the newest buzz word. It reminds me of the recent trend when companies mentioned blockchain somewhere attached to their name or products, for an instant price boost of their stock. At least in this case they were after the price boost, on the metaverse thing I believe people are simply ignorant and believe that if FB changed its name to Meta and have Oculus it's right around the corner.

I am most certain, in ten to twenty years - if I will live up to them - I will not understand anything communicated through the Internet. HaHa :D - I am already overwhelmed by abbreviations, buzzwords and dazzlers. I don't even know exactly what a token is, unless it's supposed to be a digital currency.

I am probably too old for buzzes, it seems, sometimes I meet company, at least.

Probably one just pretends to understand everything and the more enthusiastically one talks about something, the more it sounds like one knows what one is talking about. As someone said to me: "Talking smart while being completely clueless". :D

We are all to various degrees overwhelmed. Probably even the children who begin their lives with a smartphone or a tablet in their hands, or both. Society is evolving at a much more rapid pace than humans are used coping with, historically.

What I believe is that we will adapt by becoming more shallow, on average, in our understanding of everything, especially technological in nature. Simply because we won't have time to learn enough about it before something else, newer, takes its place.

What you say is quite realistic. I don't really like it. Probably my ancestors would have said the same of me. I have no idea about machines and their mechanisms. I drive a car without understanding how the engine really works. And so many other things. Yet I have the impression that mechanics set a slower pace than electronics. That's how I live my life from one day to the next.

Many greetings to you.

Thanks for this piece of information but what about Facebook changing its name to the metaverse does it mean they own it or just a fraction of it?


can i own the metaverse if I scribble out the name on my passport and write Mr. M. Verse?

it's pre Fomo Fomo

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The same thing happens to me with the NFTs I think we really still don't know what the future holds. They'll be completely different, like comparing a cell phone from the 90s to a Smartphone today.

Hive should have a metaverse coin so we could shill it and dump it to plebs looking for such hyped cryptos, but we're "the good ones" we don't deceive... I agree with you that at this point probably nobody can fully grasp the metaverse concept.

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I would say that Hive is in itself already a metaverse token.

There's no way the Metaverse emerges from the void and Hive isn't a huge part of it.

That's exactly what I was thinking !
And in a sense, that's probably the case for most of the cryptocurrencies. I don't see any of them not wanting to take apart of this when it's mainstream

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Lucky bastards we are...


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Well, FB is not the only player in this field. He has said his piece. It will be more interesting when the other big players (Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Intel) add their five cents.
But this buzzword is perfect to divert all the profits these corporations have made so far into something even more abstract.
But then there are the small players with their decentralized networks and services. It will be even more fun because the next round of investment has begun with this buzzword.

YES! I hate it...people always talk about it like its some magical destination. The market is full of "metaverse" money grabs at the moment !PIZZA

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Minecraft is metaverse.

If you want to read an indictment of crapitalism, this book will open your eyes to why it will never work, and those at the top know it.
Here is an alternative.
Here is maybe an interim step.
This is our inevitable destination if we push back on the police state.

I hear this word a lot these days but have not gone through any project in detail until now. I am planning to spend some time over the weekend to study more.

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zuh future

I wrote an article similar to this today.

It is amazing how people look at the metaverse like it is around the corner. That said, Web 3.0 is going to be a foundation for what eventually becomes the metaverse. Therefore, it is safe to say that we can count on these features being a part of it:

A platform like Leofinance could eventually evolve into a metaverse world since it can incorporate all of that. Perhaps adding in a bit more commerce along with some gaming.

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Not only do they think it's around the corner, but they also think that everyone is building their own. They think a series of intranets is the internet. Like... no. Stop.

You sound If anything Facebook are just going to create more publicity for true crypto projects that will build the metaverse the way I see it.

Yeah, lest hope that will help other projects and they're not just gonna make their thing totally private

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Automation has existed for so long with humans as the machines... it is only now that the threat is real for machines to be more profitable than cheap human labor. You take any legacy entrepreneur course and their main goal is "automation"... business owner makes money without lifting a finger.

Crypto is currently out-automating legacy entrepreneurs...
Legacy model of automation:

  1. start a business
  2. train staff
  3. invest in staff and procedures
  4. after 2 years of losses and 2 years working at "automation" you become profitable
  5. full automation - earn 4% APR.

Crypto's alternative

  1. Deposit CUB-BUSD LP
  2. Earn 136% APR

There is no incentive to struggle through the hoops of old world capitalism with the alternative in front of us.

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15 лучших монет Metaverse до 1 доллара

Oh my God. Alien Worlds, WAX? I'm not familiar with the rest of the coins in this article. But who in their right mind would write this article?

I agree with you, even we don't clearly represent the metaverse, but it's definitely not Alien Worlds and WAX...

Thanks for the interesting post, I even laughed as always hard!

A lot of it is hype with a lot of businesses saying they are pivoting into the metaverse and producing some really awesome green screen ads but they haven't delivered anything yet. Will be interesting to see where this all goes.

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Are you also getting annoyed by all the metaverse namedrops?

Big time. You are right, most using it have no idea what it is. People do not realize how far away we are from something like that; it is decades in the future.

Yes it will come. However, we need a lot of infrastructure in our communications system along a ton of processing power at the edge. We are nowhere near even Ready Player One let alone some of the more advanced stuff that will take place.

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I agree the way that single companies create and control 'the entire metaverse' is mostly just media beat up for people that don't understand the tech.

But your internet comparison did get me thinking.

There is somewhat 2 parallel versions of the internet when you consider China's censored version that features dodgy, highly watched versions of regular apps.

Depending on how the global power struggle between China and the US continues to go, it's not hard to see a world where the Chinese version is the normal version in other parts of the world.

With this comparison in mind, I could certainly see the possibility of a 'free and open metaverse' and a single 'facebook controlled metaverse', running in parallel.

Anyway, another interesting discussion starter :)

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Are you also getting annoyed by all the metaverse namedrops?

We See metaverse so often that it's making it even more abstract that it's already is. The "Metaverse tokens" are in the best case coins that are aiming to participate into creating the metaverse and/or having their part of it. But for now it's just nothing and probably coins with the less interest we can see for now

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