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As a mandatory prerequisite for joining any community on hive such as that of Leo finance, it is essential to always write an introduction post.

This article is a formal introduction post written by me as an appeal to become part of the membership of the Leo finance community on hive ecosystem.

My name is Ini-obong Emmanuel, a graduate of computer engineering department of the University of Uyo, Nigeria.


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I am a computer engineer by profession, I work on hardware parts of the computer system. I have been in the profession for four years now and it has been epic also dealing with computer systems of different kinds.


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I also have the skills of statistical data analytics and I play with data gotten from crypto currencies and interpret their meaning in terms of relationship test, difference test, classification test and prediction test as regards the hypothetical question.

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My favorite meal is chicken and chip served with a bottle of beer, I found the aroma more romantic than my girlfriend.

I love maroon colors and wished human race is more than just black and white. I will feel good seeing humans with maroon color.

In this community called Leo finance, I pledge to abide by the rules of this community in order to carry out their goal. I am a goal driven and oriented individual that seeks more than achieving personal goals to achieving community based goals.

Thanks for having me here.


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