SEED Holdings Report #26 - regaining momentum, big presale & some thoughts

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Hello everyone!

First of all, apologies for the current delay on this post (in case you missed it, it should've been written last week). I even thought about doing a post with ''HAHA URE RUGGED'' yesterday for April fool's day but honestly, I've been in a very hectic mode lately with multiple things in the real world and didn't have the time.

It's being an awesome Saturday night, don't you think?

Chilling with a (decaffeinated) coffee, writing with the headphones (this in the background atm), and overall thinking about ways to keep boosting our overall SEED portfolio. Let's recap with the latest updates:

  • DAO Maker presales starting again.
  • We just joined our biggest presale (in $$ terms) participation, EVER.
  • Some HBD thoughts.
  • SEED Price.

Overall State of the Portfolio


Overall we have been enjoying a few weeks of green. I exited Polycub completely when rewards dropped at the start of the 3rd week and never looked back.

I don't remember the exact number, but I exited at a very decent profit of +40-50% approx. Bridged all assets on BSC, and reentered the ORN-USDT pool where we have the flexibility of being able to hold stables with a nice +30% APR in the meanwhile. All of this while keeping a buffer in BUSD to participate in DAO Maker sales.

Talking about DAO Maker Presales...

We just joined one this week (one of the few in almost 2 months of drought) and not just any...

the biggest one so far for us, in terms of the size of the allocation.
We're talking about 7800$ in BUSD. Since we won both the Public & the Private SHO's.

Want some perspective? The average SHO grants us a 250-750$ allocation in average.
Our previous record was the 'Numbers' SHO with 3000$, which still is our biggest value 'locked'.

The NUM SHO performed extremely well. From a 3000 $ initial investment, we already cashed out 11.400$ , with 15.800$ still locked in NUM tokens & vesting quarterly.

Just imagine the possibilities with a 7800$ allocation... A mere x5 (somewhat realistic with presale prices) gives us +30K$ of PURE profit, which would mean an instant +10% profit on our whole portfolio of +200K$. Not bad, not rookie numbers. I used to work YEARS in my normie job for way less than that.

Seems that DAO Maker is going into sharingan mode this summer...


Regarding HBD

I've been thinking a lot about our HBD as an 'untouchable' anchor on our portfolio. It's yielding a 300$/m which is more than welcome, but I'm afraid to be forced to sell some of it to keep financing presales in the (improbable) case we have to face another big one/s.
Anyway, not a bad problem to have!

SEED Price.

I keep applying buying pressure to the market, n and I'm more than proud of you stubborn diehard SEED hodlers.

APR in the beeswap pool is around 28% since I'm slowly suffocating the selling side (taking out my own liquidity, keeping the SEED, using the HBD to keep pushing the price up).

The price in the pool is now around 4$. While in the 'normal' market with thin order books of Hive-Engine there are no big selling orders at sight.

I thought about reaching 50K SEED (3,5K to go), but this is becoming an increasingly difficult task lol.

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 100.000 tokens (full released)
@seed-treasury owned: 0

AUM Value (All assets): 215.000$

SEED BACKED Value: 215000/100000 = 2,15$ /SEED

215/9 = 23,8% MoM profit

We just started month 9, and seems that DAO is starting another uptrend :P


100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.
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Little hint (planning to write a post about this for a long time already): OWLDOA (they are anon, but just look at the project...and the staking incl APR). Maybe some of HBD can go into OWL for 60+% APR in stables, are close to 100% in OWL tokens? Cant say this one is without risks, but still :)

Great, the whole launching thing is starting again. Over at TenseT they are selling the last subscription. When the ticker is at 10k, no more available. Discussions are ongoing to offer the option to NFT the subscription with them. Interesting take by the team. The idea: subscriptions to play their launchpad become tradable. Without the NFT, subscriptions are bound to the wallet.

HBD to play money for the launchpad: I say, do it! It's nice to have some stables in stock, but the markets look to be bullish again, so why not take advantage of that? Earnings for the launch projects can be converted back to stables or stable like tokens again. Now its time again to take some more risks again :)

do you read my mind or what's wrong with you?

haha I was thinking exactly that. Relaxing for a bit with our HBD position & start playing more aggresively.

mind control 😂 😂 😂

This is interesting. So useful information about seeds. The price now on Leo dex is $4.80 !

However, remember that the backed price is half of that! DYOR

I was just about to sell some seed. On second thoughts....... Great update. Trying to stay focused on the long term.

I was just about to sell some seed.

You could always do that as a sperm donor ;<)

I give that away for free, by the sock full.

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If you sell them... maybe it will be difficult to recover them later :P

Looking good! I'm thinking about adding more SEED to my portfolio since it's doing so well

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that "rugged" post would have been amazing :))

In my mind was legendary haha

It's looking quite good. Do you think you will run out of funds for the pre-sales? I think you mentioned it's starting to pick up again but do you plan on taking part in every single pre-sale you can?

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I don't think so, big presale allocations are an exception usually. And yes, we are participating in all of them as they come.

$3.8 Hive per seed was the bid order when I last checked. but I holded ,, yeah sure stubborn seed holders.

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I want more of them and simply can't!

This is all great news and knew a little patience with DAO was all that was needed. Have kept a close eye on the Leodex for more cheap SEED and there are none. This is the best project around by far and so happy to be part of it with you.

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Lookin good there.. I didn't know what sharingan was, so did a quick search

u meant u will just repeat what u been doing already? Cool, I like to watch the Naruto fights on youtube. :P

market manipulation! :D

GM, looks good go moon!

Hope we see really green this summer.

Isn't it crazy that we already have April?

Thank you for your continued efforts on this project.

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You're welcome bud :)