Are you ready for the upcoming #Hivepowerupday?

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Hi everyone,

I am sure many of you are still active on hive and making great posts on various subjects. Many of you are also making profit on this platform as profit comes from the posts which are upvoted by larger numbers of users having larger numbers of hivepower. It doesn't matter how many upvotes one gets on one's post. But, it matters how was the weight of the upvote on the post. For example one may get upvotes from 500 minnows but that post may get a very little profit as the value of the vote of those minnows were not enough to make the post profitable. On the other hand a whale having the value of his vote around $10 can singlehandedly make a post profitable. How is this possible that value of a single vote may be more than the combined vote of thousands of users? It is possible because of Hive power. The more hive power one have, more value of his upvote will be. So, it is very necesary to increase your hive power. It is not an easy thing. One needs to purchase lots of hive tokens to power up. Hivepower up day is one of such occasion where one may powerup and make it one's mission to get more and more hive power.

Hivepower up day comes on the 1st day of every month. It becomes a resolution to powerup on hivepower up day when one become committed towards increasing one's hive power. That's why it helps and set a target to achieve our goal. Therefore, I powerup on every #hivepud, no matter how small quantity I have to powerup with. I hope you people are also powering up in the same manner.

Have a great powerup.


Yay! 🤗
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Thanks @ecency. I love using this dapp. I don't have enough HP to delegate you. Sorry for that. !MEME