There Was Blood On The Streets Today, So I Bought

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"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own." - Baron Rothschild

That's right, today was blood on the streets, all over! Good thing it wasn't my blood. I've been waiting for this day patiently, all set, ready to jump and last night (my night, European time), there were signs the big day could be today.

This morning, when I checked the charts, I knew it's time to make the move, so I went clubbing :) Yes, that's right, I went clubbing.


I had some spare cash and didn't want to involve the bank this time. After my saga with one of the banks, I said it's better try out the Bitcoin ATM this time.

These ATMs are operated by a company named, so that's where the going clubbing coming from. You can find these ATMs in bigger cities all over Europe as far as I know.

So I headed to the ATM to have some fun. I thought, because of the price drop, there will be a long queue in front of the ATM (I'm joking of course), but when I got there, there was no one, except me. Excellent, I thought, I didn't need a crowd anyway, privacy is always valued.

The process is very easy by the way. You select what kind of crypto you want to buy (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH), feed the ATM with fiat (Supported fiat: CHF, EUR, GBP, HUF, RON, USD), scan the QR code of your wallet, check the address and you're done. You can also create a new wallet at the scene but I didn't want that as I had my wallet already.

Bitcoin 23.02.jpg

The chart certainly looks interesting. There are ups and downs and only God knows here the price will go in the next hour, so deciding when to buy is not easy.

Before I decided to make the move, I watched some predictions just for fun as the ultimate decision is mine. Not many have predicted what's happened.

A Bitcoin correction or stabilization has been expected but no one knew when. The drop from 58k top to 45k bottom (so far) was a good one for me, not so good for others, who are living off trading. I'm a HODL-er, so it doesn't affect me.

On the other hand, my holdings on the Hive blockchain have probably halved in value, but who cares, as I said above, I'm a HODL-er, so it doesn't affect me. We're at the beginning, it's still early for us. I'm quite ok with how things turned out.


@nathanmars had a good post yesterday, I totally agree with him. I'm wondering how Greg is feeling right now, watching BTC's roller coaster ride. Maybe doing the math to see how much 1,700 BTC is worth these days.


As you can see, Greg is fine, he tweeted last year.

So, what about you? How do you feel about BTC today?


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well i wanted to do that, but no ATMs close to me. So i went to the exchange. I was late so the money did not go through to the local exchange. Now i am waiting for tomorrow morning to see what will be the price of my purchase :)

Will the banking system screw me over or will i be lucky for waiting another 6-7 hours? :D

Oh no! Poor you! I guess now I can really appreciate how lucky I am for have an ATM in my city, even though it's at the other end of the city.

I woke up this morning and checked the price, hoping to drop further and give me the chance to buy again, invest more, or at least stay the same but it went back to above $50k.

This is a rollercoaster ride, you have to stay alerted all the time and check the market.

Now I have to wait to see if your transaction went through. Let me know! 🤞


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in the end it was 1000$ difference. on the large scale it is not that bad because i was not buying some crazy amount of it. i got screwed for maybe 15-20$ not really sure as i didn't wrote down what was the amount of btc yesterday.

just in general buying crypto in my country is a bit shitty. the process of it is like from 19 century :D

I was constantly looking at the price on my way to the ATM and obviously I didn't by at the lowest as who has time to stand in front of the ATM all day, hoping the price is going to drop. But as you say, on the long run it doesn't matter. We have not invested a fortune anyway :)

The price is up again today, so we did good yesterday. Now we're BTC buddies :D

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I think what surprises me about this is the fact that Twitter was actually around ten years ago. I wouldn't have guessed it was that old! I guess I am just getting old. Sounds like a smart move picking up some more BTC when you did. I didn't realize it but we have these kinds of ATM's near where I live too. I didn't think they had them in the US, but apparently there is one at the store right down the road from the house I used to live in. Crazy!

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These ATMs are everywhere in the US. I've been watching videos on YouTube to learn how it's done and to be able to avoid or deal with any possible problems if something goes wrong and have seen a lot of videos from the US.

It's a great way to buy crypto without being monitored. However, there's a certain level above which ID is needed.


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Very interesting. I need to see if I can track one down. Someone shared a map with me the other day that shows all of them in your area.

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No Bitcoin buying for me.. but when I see this kind of blood , I sell DEC and Untamed packs and hold my swap.Hive tightly.

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hehe good for you!! Most of the people (as usual) are in panic now :P

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Bear markets are for accumulating wealth, while bull runs are for spending it. In the absence of the bear market, corrections come handy for an opportunistic buy action.

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Crypto is for a person with strong grips.
We don't have crypto fully legalized here so no ATM concept to be used for buying crypto.

Sorry to hear there are no ATMs. It helps a lot even with the hassle to get there in time. Which country are you referring to, if you don't mind.

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It's Pakistan.
Youth are striving for making crypto legal.
We recently have a campaign using Twitter and also a sue is filed in court.
Hopefully things will move better