I Met 28 Yrs Old New Friend, Who is Now a Businessman And Crypto Trader.

in LeoFinance2 months ago

I am not that friendly to talking to strangers at the first meeting. That was the real thing about me. But things happened when I spotted something about this guy, and we were in the same boat—an entrepreneur and crypto trader. I began to be curious about his life, as what was the things how a 28 years old man established his own small food beverage business while trading crypto? Also, I wanted to open up with him about why not accept crypto in his business, $Hive and $Leo, and all the coins that had the future.

This happened last August 4, 2022, as we placed to watch the basketball game. As we wait, I suggest we hang out in a milk tea shop. We look around, it feels like we been tasted the shops yet one that caught our attention is a man solo waiting for customers. I suggest that we should try it out. I like to support a small business, for I know the feeling of being one.

We looked at the menu, some Milktea in a different flavor, coke floats, and ice-creams based. I tried the coke float to refresh myself. Then I look at his mini shops' aesthetic design and art concept. I spot that he brought his likes and interest in wall art.

It's a signature of his customers; maybe this is a sign of his gratitude as people support his business. I liked the concept, though, marking the signature of his customers, where soon enough they will visit the shops and still their names and signature might be found.

But one thing is that he listed his interest in science, art, and cryptocurrencies. I spot the $ADA, $BTC, and more crypto. I began curious about this man, "Are you also in crypto?" I asked, and he smiled at me. That's the time I began to become comfortable.

He said yes, he was a small crypto trader. We do some conversations about the market last February until July. We just laughed at ourselves, reminded of our losses and gains. It feels like I found new friends with the same interest as mine in business and miniature trading online.

He was 28 years old, lived just a few kilometers from the store, and was single with no relationship. He said that the shop was his own, also his finance. I said he was a brave man, and we both laughed. Diving in crypto means you are brave; trying the trading must be brave.

Then we talked about his business. It's not a professional talk, for we casually give gestures and ideas of concern.

I do ask if there will be some times that he will accept cryptocurrency shortly. He said yes. But surprisingly that I was the first one to notice it. I joked that we would be the first to start in the community.

Why not? Cashless payment has also been introduced in my community for quite some time. E-Cash as the base payment. QR code and more addresses. Well, I am not a cash guy. I make my prices online, so it's suitable for me.

Also, we have some same holds of coins. Also, I introduced to him the $HIVE and what I know about it. He said he would look forward to that.

It's a sweet and friendly conversation where I found a dude, the boss of his shops and a trader—same interest unto mine. Soon enough, I will visit him often, talk, and maybe predict things in our interest.

Also, I know that I have more things to learn from him.

This is not a financial blog, it's a day-to-day encounter, and I am lucky to meet a guy with the same interest as mine, who knows where our business goes, also with the help of cryptocurrencies.

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Sana ma-invite mo sya webinar ng HivePh.

Sana nga sir, but he was so busy. Hehe he worked alone, yet I will try to convince.


So Kaya pala may pabilog. Akala ko si ate girl Yung into crypto. Naguluhan tuloy ako 🤣 So sino si girl dyan , Ayan ba fiancee nya?

Haha pinsan ko yan Mommy Yen, siya nagyaya so siy nagbayad. Pinilit ako eh🤣

That's a great thing! To have a conversation with someone who has the same interest and goal in finances.

I like the background of the shop. It's a bit new since it's graffiti, but they put it in a good way. Such creativity and arts!

Haha TP said it was messy style, I don't know I am not unto art, really, lol. But yeah, it's nice to have some friends that soon will teach you up. Who knows if the business will bloom? I guess he will treat me in his shops if ever

Yeahz quite messy since there's so much word about it and there's no pattern or such. Anyway, that's their design haha.

Malimit na lang nmakakita ng ibang tao na nasa crypto din, ako eh once lang tapos late ko na nalaman na nasa crypto world din pla sya kasi tahimik lang sya eh.

I hope this man will join Hive. Pero malay mo, andito na tlga sya tapos ayaw lang niya sabihin sayo hehe.

Haha he's busy in business na eh, pero try ko open sa kanya about this, malay natin hehe.

Hahahaha sabagay pero pwede din kamo ha. Malay mo mas mapromote pa niya business niya.

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Mas curious ako kung sino si gurl bespren haha. Sino sya? 😅

She's my bestfren din haha

Nahaysuuuu, if ever you both have the knowledge about Crypto. Paturo kana rin ng Future Trading mas maraming money jan ee kaso marami ring sunog na magaganap bago ka yumaman haha.

Oo yun nga eh, may mentorship sana na mangyari, even sa business niya haha turuan ako 🤣

Am I the only one finding that the graffiti is messy 😀.

Anyhow, it would be lovely if people will be incorporating cyrpto as a payment but only the stable coins as there was an issue with SLP ages ago a ton of people lost a lot of money with crypto transactions.

So who's the girl? I am not interested with the story I am more invested about the girl. HAHA is she your what we call jowa?

Indeed, why not HBD translations 😍 hehe she's my causin bro, naku if may ma-date ako surely sa sosyal yayyy.

c/marites. Sino Ang babae sa picture? Siya kaya ay customer lang na napilitang mag-photo bomb? Isang kaibigan o Ka- Ibigan? Ating alamin..🤣

'The financier ' Ms. @chileng17 haha. She is the one who will pay char. Pinsan/bestfriend ko yan hehe.

Ay sayang..pinsan pala. Wala tuloy juicy chizzcurls.. By the way Ang cute Ng pinsan mo.

Cute naman talaga lahi namin 🥺