Are You 'That Crypto Guy?'

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There's likely one in every neighborhood, the dude that is knowledgeable about the blockchain. In my area, I'm know as "That Crypto Guy" who's been spreading the word about it since 2010 when I picked up my first Bitcoin.

The Crypto Guy

Lest you think that moniker is some kind of compliment, let me share with you the thinking behind it. They associate it with wild-eyed preppers, members of a doomsday cult getting ready for the end of the world. As if we're all mini Ted Kaczynski's brandishing a crypto-manifesto in one hand, and an AR-15 in the other. People have asked me about those "weird blockchain people" as the misconceptions swirl about like a swarm of gnats.

While I'm a bit of a prepper because of my grandmother growing up on a farm, I don't quite have a 10-year supply of noodles, or a bunker in the backyard. What I am getting ready for is the transition from the current financial system, to the possibly bumpy ride, to whatever ends up replacing it.

Don't think I haven't tried to set the record straight, but at some point, you face a set of diminishing returns, and realize it's time to move on to greener pastures. I'm beginning to realize that this isn't for everyone, and like anything else, people have to come to it in their own time, if at all.

The good thing is that there are folks willing to listen, and with the vision to see the promise inherent in the future of crypto. Our job is to ensure that as many of them as possible, find their way to Hive. Here we offer a welcome refuge to our blockchain brethren, an expansive digital redoubt, open to all.

Much like Linux underpinning sectors of technology, I believe the masses will end up interacting with the blockchain without even knowing it. Like that Mylor Crowling Earth card in Splinterlands, they'll be ensnared by our crypto-tentacles, and drawn into our orbit. Like me, are you the crypto guy in your circle? This is the future, and we're living it RIGHT NOW.

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Lol I’m certainly that crypto guy among my entire circle of family and friends, most can’t contain my energy when I get in beast explanation mode, but for those that actually do listen and get the vision, they can’t stop thanking me.

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Ain't that the truth! Like separating the wheath from the chaff. It's so good when you find that one person who's willing to listen, learn, and take action!

A few people are definitely more open to it than others. I know to stop with my explanations when I see the look of terror in their eyes.

lol I've seen those! Withme, you'd think I was asking them to join a cult or something. Hopefully that will change over time as more information about the benefits of the blockchain get out.

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