Crypto Breathes New Life Into Local Business

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A few weeks ago I posted about two brothers who are testing a crypto ATM in their business. The results thus far have been impressive. This store (which I used to work at) is seeing a resurgence of customers. Formerly an empty and quiet spot, now has a line of people waiting to use the machine, as its a novelty in this area.

The older brother is more stodgy and reserved, so I've been working through the younger one who is more receptive (but not by much) to the utility of the blockchain. When I worked there, the place was spotless, and we had a customer base during the day, of white-collar professionals.

Over time, this cohort was run out of the once-quiet city by the violence brought in by the refugees flowing in from the now-closed federal immigrant holding center. The general area has been devastated since then and that's why it's good to see any kind of resurgence of economic activity since the long-awaited closing of the center.

Seize The Moment

The point is that I don't want them to miss this moment, and would like them to take full advantage of the interest at hand. Maybe start stocking up some crypto-related products in order to service the new customers and keep them coming back for more?

They tell me they're astonished to see a line forming ("queuing up" to you Europeans) in front of the ATM, and I say stop staring at them and find other services or products to upsell them with while they wait. This is an opportunity they have right now to make a positive future impact for their business.

The place could also use a good cleaning and a remodel, as I think they got too lazy and complacent when the area turned downmarket. These new customers are more upscale, and I don't want to see this opportunity go to waste. But they have to have the vision to strike while the iron is hot. I'm just glad that they now have a chance with crypto to transform their business like never before!

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