Delegating - The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

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Just completed my first week of three after winning a 5K LEO delegation for the September #LPUD. Thanks again to @anomadsoul for allowing me to try out this increased Leo Power.

My curation rewards have increased dramatically from an average of 0.004 LEO per vote, to more than 0.100 LEO per vote. This allows me to make the top twenty upvoters list more often than I ever have before. It's also propelled me to perform more manual curation as it's a joy to enable me to provide more meaningful support to amazing content creators.

Two things I want to point out here: The benefits of it being temporary (you'd think otherwise, but hang with me), and the long-term positive effect it has over time.

So, let me take you back into the mists of time to 2017. I'd joined a few months earlier, and lemme tell ya, nobody was seeing my posts. Didn't matter what was written or how, as a newbie, it just wasn't happening. So like many new people, I was in that zone of wondering what I was doing wrong in not getting any engagement.

Then it happened.

I shared before how I came home and saw an upvote and response to a comment I'd met, and you'd think I'd died and gone to crypto Heaven. It meant somebody had actually seen my work! The upvote amount was something like $0.25 or so, but it wasn't the amount that mattered, it was the social proof and just the shot in the arm that I needed at that moment to keep going.

Whoever it was, was from Australia, and I no longer remember the name, but I've never forgotten it. And often, that's all it takes. Just one little boost when things are a little dicey, can prime the pump over the long-term. And that's the sneaky genius of #LPUD.

Crypto Fuel

As far as it being temporary, that's important I think because if it were permanent, it might be taken for granted, know what I mean? Throughout my life, I've found that if you just repeatedly hand people things over and over again, they lose the appreciation for the sweat equity you put in to generate the resource in the first place.

Being temporary also allows the delegatee to continue on and uplift another person, spreading the support to others and keep paying it forward.

Miracles are rare for a reason...

It also has the byproduct of giving the person a little taste of what increasing his LEO power will feel like. It's like taking a Tesla out for a test drive. Once you slide inside and experience the ride, you're hooked, and it's the same with #LPUD.

So after witnessing the effects that an increased upvote has on curation, what do you think I'm going to do? I'm going to build up my own 5K LEO stake, and after that, I'm going to KEEP GOING! :)

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You were right about something and that's the fact that sometimes all what we need is just a little push at the back to kickstart the beginning of something new. I'm glad that you didn't give up. One thing I know is that the reward for continuity adds up on a daily.

@tipu curate

Thanks for your support! Yet another brick in the foundation of the home we're building here on LeoFinance! :)

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Ain't that the truth, and I'm glad I kept building because I truly believe in this place.

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This is correct the benefit is name recognition, and mostly building your foundational stake.

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And having a blast doing it. The best part is being able to provide even more support for content creators. But the itch to keep adding to that LEO stake is addictive.

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I like the tesla for a spin example. I can’t think of a better way to exemplify what you were saying. But maybe it’s because I like Teslas lol.

I couldn’t participate in the last LPUD because I wasn’t even around when it happened, and also because I hadn’t stashed up enough Hive to make a purchase. I’m hoping that by 15th next month, I’ll be ready to roar. I might even win the delegation too.😅

Withg the Tesla reference, I was searching for something that had relevance to this Lambo lusting crowd! :)

Winning that delegation was fun, even more so when I watched the Transparency Video and realized just how lucky I was. It really pumps you up to want to build your LEO stake up so you can provide even more support for our awesome content creators! :)

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