Bye Bye cheap LEOM

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A few days ago I wrote about the amazing ROI I have gotten through the constant income of LEO through LEOM and LEOMM over the last year.

When I wrote this blog there were still about 40000 of the miners left.

Now there are 0, just like the LEOMM

So the expected has happened. People are paying more than the original 2 Hive. I had freed up another 120 HIVE to buy some more but no luck.

Some have been sold for 5 Hive and the bids have gone to 2.2.
So the people who bought them to flip and are selling for 2.2 are making a nice 10% profit. If you are able to sell for 5 you are making a 250% profit.
That is not bad for a quick turnaround and for me it is good to know that there is a demand if I should choose to sell my miners.

I do realise that there will be less income now that all these are being staked but I bought another 150 miners which should keep my income relatively the same. My first investment already paid off and it looks that the price of the LEO token is not going down with people predicting values of 2 to 37 dollars per LEO

So lets go for the lowest case of 2 dollar per leo there that would mean that my ROI will be multiples (in dollar value) of what I am earning now.
LEO going to 0.2 meant a return of 100%
LEO going to 2 would mean 10x
So do the math if you think 37 Dollar is an option.

I guess it is hard to lose with @leofinance these days.

My miner tokens can only go up in price, LEO is looking very positive and could even drag HIVE higher (instead of the other way around)

Now I know there is a big buzz over Leo and the wrapping. Lets see what happens in a month when the hype has died down. I hope that 2 dollars is on the way.

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Ohhhhshit ! I was getting ready to get them all, the remaining LEOM's in one shot, once the left supply shrinks to around 20K . This morning I got to do my long ago planed visit to the doctor, and now, when I'm finally back - I see your post. And all LEOM's are gone ! To bad to bad....
After many years in crypto, I just got one more new painful lesson today...

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It's all hurting how LEOM gets all bought-up in the market. Indeed, printing LEO would just be one of the most lucrative ways of earning LEO in the next few weeks when LEO reach $2.

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Well, I assume you have some leo and that has gone up a lot, so not a total loss...
You cannot win them all but dwelling over the potential loss or gain will not make it so

You always can buy my 4k LEOM for 5hive each if you are interested 😋

It was amazing how fast they were sold yesterday.

How lucky that I bought 50 LEOM still last week. I would have never expected that they run out so fast!

yea, me neither, a big case of FOMO there

We'll never have that cheap opportunity of printing LEO anymore with LEOM. Printing LEO would turn out the most lucrative option as LEO price grows.

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"Printing" is the term for Fiat money. In Crypto we prefer to say "mining" 😃!

I hope so, I am enjoying seeing those leo being sent to my wallet every day

Yeap, all that was anticipated it came true and the price has doubled or tripled on those same as with the LEOMM. What is encouraging for the investors is that people still buy LEOM for 5 HIVE on the market compared to the yesterday capped price of 2 HIVE.

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Certainly, as LEO grows, LEOM price would also grow. I see LEOM balancing at 10 HIVE soon.

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Damn I was going to buy more too!