Where you keep your money matters in bank or by investing it

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Where you keep your money matters and allowing your money to work for you is the best way to increase our financial status. Lately I have begun to question why people are saving their money in banks. When someone deposit in banks the amount paid on interest with money in savings is too low or ridiculous interest.

There are time I had like 100000 ($200) and when I went to the bank to fixed the money and to know the amount that will be paid very month it was too small that I was angry before I left the bank so I thought to myself that it will be better to invest the money rather than saving it in the bank. The bank only collect your money and they invest it to collect large sum of money and where as they pay peanut interest. Later I used the money to start a poultry business and the interest it brought was much better than the one offer to me in bank.

Investing your money in businesses and cryptocurrency can bring more profit and gain. When investing in cryptocurrency be patient enough and based your investment on a long term investment to make great profit.

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