Polkadot Coin Market Moves To Killing Way Market Move Again Still On Track Market Analysis

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We've been seeing the price go up.we already hit a high today of around 7.65 dollars.you able to take the profitability off the market because if you did around 7.6 d9llars.you're already sitting pretty good in terms of profitability in the market and if you were to get out this price prediction what we have in terms of what we're looking forward to in price.
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We all can tell basically from the volume.the market has been a little bit more active and where it wanted to send price the price volume in polkadot has been going up and as price it's been trending higher.the volume has been going up as well.we've seen a lot of agreeance or concurrence with a lot of individuals in the market.
they agree with pushing the pricing polkadot up cool.
Te market is up it's going to bring a lot of people into the market those who were initially scared into buying polkadot.they're thinking the market is up 7.7 dollars and grab some of this polkadot coin.i got an area already identified in polkadot as restriction which is around 7.63 dollars.i want us to take notes is still a problem child for the buyers they still have to overcome 7.7 price.
If marketing is going to continue to go up what do you think price is going to go at the end of this week.you can see as price and polkadot has been trending stable mood all the way since previous months.we seeing some decent volume coming in the market this month and look at where price is we're seeing the market in polkadot come off the lows.

I'm not gonna be massively bullish we're just consolidating this is not a bullish trend that is being created into the market in polkadot.the market go down because this was a very swift run up like it caught a lot of people off guard over the last couple of hourly bars to see this market just shoot straight up.

We will expect the price to come back down.you need to expect the same thing because nothing's going to shoot up as fast as polkadot did and continue to do that we need to expect some leeway some movement to the downside.

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