Why Leo Coin Market Is Not Still Playing A Massive Role?

in LeoFinance16 days ago

We're still seeing the price the demand the interest and the market still there we can actually see price in the leo coin try to run down towards 0.051 cents.
What do you think what I'm going to do I'm going to go ahead and I want everyone to realize and understand this is still resistance though.we can still see the price and the leo coin fall and get rejected at 0.052 cents and come back down.
We're still in a downtrend.we're still there the overall market is still weakness.when I produce this price predicts I'm not going to give you all some outlandish price target of saying the Market's going to the grab in the next few weeks.

We can visually tell this is not the case this Market rather than being in a lower Trend it is in a weakness Trend it's going down but you can still see price go down.when the overall direction is down you just need to know I am looking for the price in the leo coin to go down and you can see the all-time low into the market in the leo coin.
The market in the leo coin outside of those who are relatively new this month is down.what we are currently trading at is in a lost position how massive in the market space.I'm going to go ahead and play this into the market in the leo coin looking for price to continue to Trend lower.

I'm not massively bullish our price targets.if we continue to see like a massive indication of strength come in a very wide spread to the upside and volume is there as well then we can see the market hit 0.053 cents

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