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RE: LeoFinance Users and Ad Revenue Hit All Time Highs

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Love the chat around rewarding quality, evergreen content that is going to rank well long term on Google.

I still go back to an idea I had about LeoPedia trying to rival Investopedia. With the army of writers we have, you could do your keyword research for say 5 terms you want to rank for in a week. Then run competitions on LeoFinance for writers to create content on that term with a single link to the leopedia domain you want to rank.

Then after the week, you collate the content and publish a final version on that leopedia domain. You have ready make links all pointing to it and all the content is written for you.

You could attract decent freelance finance writers simply by paying them in LEO upvotes.

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Share it on discord. I am sure khal keeps notes of all good ideas :)