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RE: $HIVE games for Hive

That RC delegation could indeed be interesting for games or other applications. Do remember the days that the dice games where hot, but some just had problem getting enough RC credits. Something like this could solve this issue in an easier way than the other would have to delegate HP to them, loosing out on curation for instance.

At the moment I am just saving HBD. I do need 10 as prize pool for the EURO 2020 contest I am running. Wile the contest is the same as during the world cup, it is completely different. During the world cup I did have 187 entries. Did take me hours to enter them all in the sheet. It was getting so interesting that I could keep on increasing the prize pool day by day and ended up with a prize pool of 110 SBD.
This time I did had the same approach but .... I still do have my initial prize pool of 10 HBD and a whopping 4 entries (and one of those is my own :)).
But I am drifting. Will be happy if I did save up the 10 HBD, so that I can start converting the newly earned once again in Hive.



I never played or paid much attention to the gambling games - if I wanted those, I would go to EOS :D But, yes, RC delegation can help, while keeping the HP active to reward.

Competitions have lost favor in some regard here it seems and I am not sure why.

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Well in my case, I do think that it is prize pot related. Only a prize pool of 10 HBD isn't very appealing.
I just do if for some banter and competition. Entry was free, and like it should there were no upvote of follow requirements.
Ach, we will have fun with the 4 of us :)