Buy Low, Sell High, a simple and easy way to multiply your Blurt rewards

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Getting involved in a social blockchain like Blurt opens up a lot of opportunities to earn rewards or profit in several ways.

I'm sure, you're already aware that posting content and acquiring upvotes will earn your author rewards. While upvoting content with your stakes will also earn you curation rewards. Even simple staking of Blurt tokens will also earn you rewards through daily inflation. There's nothing to lose to participate in any of these schemes.

But if you're someone like me who fancy the "High-Risk High Rewards Scheme" then you should start trading Blurt in Ionomy or Hive-Engine right now. The current price action of Blurt in Ionomy is creating an opportunity to earn a decent amount of profit just by placing orders on either side of the market.

Here's the latest Blurt/BTC trading chart from Ionomy:


Notice the chart starting from 17th Oct to the current date (19th Oct), there's so much tension between the buyers & the sellers which creates a huge difference in the prices of Blurt. At some point, it reaches more or less than 25%. That's an incredible difference and if you're able to leverage that then you will end up doubling your tokens in a few transactions.

Is that even possible?

Yes, it is.

About 2 days ago, I sent 400 Blurt tokens to Ionomy.


And after 2 days of manually trading Blurt tokens to BTC and vice versa, I end up with 978 Blurt tokens.


I earned a total of 578 Blurt tokens with 12 transactions. All transaction fees were deducted at this point.

What's the catch?

As I mentioned earlier, it's a "high-risk" trading and it could end up losing some of your tokens if you're not careful enough. Also, you might need to check the status every once in a while especially when you're doing it manually (just like me).

Think of it as "gambling", you will either win or lose.

And if you decide to take the chance and bet your tokens, just make sure that you observe how the prices are moving before you decide on what range will you place your orders.

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@funtraveller, It's all Calculative Game. Looks like you are enjoying this Trading.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Thank you so much. I was always buying high and selling low and didn't get why my rewards are not multiplied. Now I know better! Thank you!!

I have a few thousand BLURT but I don’t see a point in trading it like this, you could earn more just by staking it and doing nothing or curating it

I mean 12 trades to get a $0.50 hardly seems worth it! Pretty sure if this post is on BLURT it would earn more tokens

And you can’t take this strategy higher than a few hundred coins or you disturb prices too much so you can only do this small amount at a time

Until theirs real market depth then there’s no sense in trading it and making it worthwhile

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