Best Option Until Land 1.5? Liquid DEC, SPS:DEC or SWAP.HIVE:DEC?

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Who says being wealthy is fun? All those options... Analyzing them and taking the best decisions or even delegating the responsibility to others and reading the reports takes a certain kind of person to enjoy doing. Or for one to take the responsibility of doing, even if one doesn't have pleasure in the activity.

That's probably why in wealthy families there are some members who take on the family businesses and others who party all day long.

Well, what I said above is half ironic and half true. When you don't have an asset, you don't have to take an interest in the options available for it and how each of them is performing. More time to have fun or... to worry about the next day.

Anyway... here's my case and like me, others, some of them with a lot more on their plates.

I have this DEC which I'll need to stake on land. Not enough, but working on that.

Normally, we are less than a month until Land 1.5 arrives and I'll need to stake the DEC on the land.

And I'm analyzing under what form to keep my DEC until then:

  • liquid DEC
  • otherwise?

Since Land 1.0 I kept it in all 3 forms, as liquid DEC the least.

For most of the period, I kept it as SPS:DEC, which was a mistake, since SPS went straight to the ground, and it was to a good degree predictable it would happen.

Now I hold it as SWAP.HIVE:DEC, but I didn't catch the best period for that either, with HIVE going down. I still believe the crypto market is on the verge of recovery. Probably in June, so I'd catch a portion of that if I stick to SWAP.HIVE:DEC before I'll need only DEC.

But then, Splinterlands came out with their 5-year anniversary giveaways for burning DEC.

And the SPS stake is getting closer to influencing rewards in ranked battles.

These elements together may flip SPS from its downward trajectory to an upward one. Especially if the flywheel effect finally starts and SPS starts getting burned for DEC. We will see. Either way, there will be a momentum where SPS will likely look stronger.

Is this a good chance to move to the SPS:DEC pool? The question is: what if I do that and HIVE starts going up, while SPS doesn't or not as much? Wouldn't that be hard to swallow?

There is also the option to be in both. Stay in SWAP.HIVE:DEC and add to SPS:DEC as soon as my SPS unstake happens... I'm leaning toward this one.

I will consider liquid DEC when I'll have enough to complete my current DEC saving goal. To take the profit, sort of, and not depend on market evolution that might push me below the threshold again.

What would you do?

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I am probably going to stop playing and rent out cards or sell at some point when SPS thing goes live.

Hmmm... What if the price of SPS starts going up? Then, less SPS could still mean more in dollar terms.

From 2 cents to 4 or 10 cents? Flipping burger at minimum wage makes 200x that for the time 🤣

Hmm, you have a point...

Who says being wealthy is fun? All those options...

HAHAHA.. I would say that's actually a good problem to have for them.. For me I think with small amounts, I often just go with my gut feeling and do think too much about it. Hehe!

Maybe it's a good problem to have. We won't know for sure unless we are in their shoes.

Hello @gadrian I have read about wealthy people being very worried and depressed. Having money is important though so we can survive. Hopefully it will become more fun in the future especially on Hive 😃🙌👏 Have a great weekend. Barb !BBH !CTP

Yeah, unlike poor people, wealthy people have a lot to lose or gain with every move they make.

Right and so much more complicated @gadrian !BBH !CTP

I tend to prefer Hive/DEC compared to the other options but you might get impermanent loss. If you leave it there long enough, then it might not matter though.

I get IL in SPS:DEC too. And that's the dilemma, because I won't be able to leave tokens in the pool to recover from the IL. I have a hard deadline when Land 1.5 comes out.

This is quite discouraging but I hope that the price gets better...

I see strong support for SPS at 2 cents. This might be a turning point.

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Yes, its hard to understand but soon reaches to SPS DEC is I think good idea as your unstack happens.
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