DEC Saving 2 - Stage 1 Goal Completed * My Hive Goals (Week 22, 2023)

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Ongoing5 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made, DEC Saved 2, Maxed Cards for Staking on Land)
Completed Main Goals0
Completed Goals2 (DEC-B Saved, DEC Saving 2 - Stage 1)
Main goals3 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made)
Goals2 (Maxed Cards for Staking on Land, DEC Saved 2)
New Goals2 (Maxed Cards for Staking on Land, DEC Saved 2)
Increased Goals3 (HBD target for HP+HBD Main Goal - twice, DEC-B Saved)
Decreased Goals2 (Comments Made, Maxed Cards for Staking on Land - stage 1)


I include a link to the initial goal-setting post for 2023, for reference, if needed.

After another partial SPS unstake, I completed stage 1 of the DEC Saving goal a few weeks before Land 1.5 will probably arrive, leaving me some time to see what to do with the remaining cards I need and want for the minimum number of plots I want to fill when the new phase will be released.

If some form of renting for land would be available with Land 1.5 or soon after, I am considering renting out a good part of my plots, which I won't fill in the initial stage. Of course, that might mean it would be necessary to clear them before renting out.

But I can't make any plans for this, since we don't know if renting will be available and what form will it take.

Let's see what changed since last week regarding my Hive goals.

HIVE Power (HP) + HBD in Savings Main Goal

After the monthly HPUD and with another 1k+ HIVE power-up, my staked HIVE stands at 31,058. HBD in savings is currently at 537 after an interest of around 11 HBD came in one of the previous days.

Here's what the evolution of the HP+HBD goal looks like:


I'll need to have one of the targets (HBD or HIVE) reached to consider this goal completed.

If a target becomes too easy, I may increase the target, but not forever. Just like the market can play against your targets, they can play in their favor too.

LEO Staked Main Goal

I staked another 129 LEO since last week, after buying almost 50 LEO to hit my guideline for May. Now I'm saving for LPUD.


New month, new 1k LEO target to stake. Let's see how I'll do this month.

Splinterlands Land Expansion Main Focus

Land expansion's main focus extends throughout 2023. Unless I change the strategy, it will be the only main focus / main goal for Splinterlands in 2023. But there will be several 1-3 months goals.

First Land-Related Goal: DEC/DEC-B Saved - Completed

This goal is COMPLETED.

Deadline (passed): When DEC-B offer runs out, either because all were sold out or because the time limit was reached (April 9th).

Target to consider the goal completed: 1.5 mil. DEC-B saved. Done!

DEC Saved 2 Goal - Stage 1 Completed

[COMPLETED] Deadline stage 1: June (but sooner if possible)
Deadline stage 2: ?
Deadline stage 3: End of 2023?

Target to consider the goal completed:

  • stage 1: 1.2m DEC (COMPLETED)
  • stage 2 (will become DEC Saved 3 Goal): 2.2 DEC (1m additional DEC)
  • stage 3 (will become DEC Saved 4 Goal): 5 DEC (2.8m additional DEC)

Current situation: 1.2m DEC (liquid).

Note: Goal completed and I need to focus a bit on my cards-staking goal for land until I start staking more DEC.

New Land-Related Goal: Maxed Cards for Staking on Land

The purpose of this goal is to build the amount of maxed-level cards I need for staking on my tract.

We will need to fill 5 slots per plot with staked cards, without requiring summoners (that doesn't mean they can't be used as regular cards).

So, what are the details of this goal?


  • stage 1: June 2023
  • stage 1.5: ???
  • stage 2: End of 2023 (this will be a new goal)

The total number of maxed-level* cards needed for staking on land: 500 (5 x 100).

  • stage 1: need 120 cards for land by the deadline (decreased from 220)
    • stretch goal: have optimized cards for 24 plots
  • stage 1.5: need 220 cards for land by the deadline
  • stage 2: have 500 cards for land
    • stretch goal: have optimized cards for 44 plots

(*) any card with at least 1000 PP suitable for the terrain types I own will do (better for better plots); doesn't have to be maxed

Current situation total: 117 / 500 (23.4%)

Current situation stage 1: 115 / 120

Time remaining until Stage 1 deadline: ~2 weeks

Note: Back into focus for a short while after I completed stage 1 of DEC saving (having enough DEC to stake 120 maxed cards on land, which means 24 plots if all cards are maxed, which they are not).

I could probably add some more cards from my deck if I'll need to (some are probably underutilized in my playing deck). New soulbound reward cards are options too.

Comments Made

Original goal: 18k, REDUCED to 17k, by the end of 2023.

I started this week with a total of 13855 comments made.

Ended the week with 13924 comments made, which brings the number of my comments this week to 69, which is quite low.

I now need an average of 103 to reach the goal of 17k.


Weekly Buy - DBONDs

Well, I guess for this week participating in the presale of DBOND is a big enough purchase that I didn't want to push into anything else.


Great job thinking about looking into renting of land. I bought another plot so I am short DEC at this point. It will be an interesting exercise balancing what you can bring online and what gets to wait for later.

Yeah, it will be a game within the game. I doubt there are even a few players with at least a tract who can fill in all their land plots from the start. On the other hand, not sure if renting out will have good returns. But it will be better than not doing anything on those plots.

Keep it up! I think you need to push it harder as the progress is still around 30%-50%. It's already June and we just have 6 months and some days left to reach it. GO!


Well, for HP+HBD in savings, I'm actually aiming to only complete the first one the HBD-related target. That would be enough to complete the goal. It was higher, but the drop in the price of HIVE took me back some steps. I expect HIVE will be higher by the year-end, but we will see.

For the LEO staked target, 41% is actually right where I should be. I need to add 1k LEO every month to complete this goal and I've done that so far. It may become more complicated toward the end of the year if the price of LEO continues to go up.

The only target where I'm lacking (after adjustments), is the comments one.

Thanks for keeping me accountable! :)

but the drop in the price of HIVE took me back some steps.

Yeah, this is the hard one too. It also affects me to make me think of my strategy for some investments. Go beyond it!

Markets will have their normal fluctuations. I took that into consideration when I set my goal.

@gadrian! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @cursephantom. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Your commitment to the hive is really appreciable, you are doing everything right, and I wish you a great success in the coming future.

I don't think anyone is doing everything right, but yes, I am committed to Hive, that's true, and much of my success in crypto depends on the success of Hive (and Splinterlands in particular).

Nice progress. How do you plan to get all the extra DEC? Will it come from the SPS that you are unstaking?

I stopped the unstaking process. We will see. This was the critical stage because now I have enough DEC for all my top plots (except rare natural ones, but they are almost the same as common). So I'm not in a hurry. I'd like to have the DEC and cards or most of them by the time Land 2.0 is released, but we will see how things evolve. If the price of SPS goes up, it should become easier because I've always swapped my liquid SPS for DEC (or put it into LPs). We will also see what the income from land will be in Land 1.5.

The way we see you have achieved a lot, all these things come after a lot of hard work. Best of luck for your future goals.

That is true, the goals I achieved have been quite big milestones and not easy to achieve.

Yeah you are right.

Happy to read that you have completed many tasks toward your goals.
Thank you for sharing

Thanks! There are still many left to complete until the year-end.

Good job @gadrian Have a nice week. 😊 Barb !BBH !CTP

@gadrian! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @adcreatordesign. (1/1)

Thanks, Barb. Have a great week!

You're welcome @gadrian Thank you. 👍 !BBH !CTP

More progress, nice job

Nice progress. Keep going!

Good to know. Hope for the best for you.

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