Feedback on the Publishing UI Updates

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I just noticed the publishing UI for the long-form content on Leofinance has been updated and this is probably the best time to offer some #feedback.

Here we go.

1. Best Decision: Remove the Right Sidebar

This is is how the Publishing UI looks now, and the dotted red rectangle is where the right sidebar was initially.

With sidebars on both sides of the screen, that reduced the sizes of the text area where you entered your post and the adjacent preview area.

Not to mention everything looked cramped up in less space. Here's what I mean:

Now the options that were previously included on the right sidebar are listed at the bottom of the post, as on other interfaces too.

2. Autosave Draft Enabled by Default

Enabling or disabling the autosave drafts was an option very "in your face" previously, and you had to manually enable it (after you started adding content, or it didn't work).

Now, you won't even notice it unless you look for it, as it is hidden behind the 3-dot menu at the top and enabled by default.

Much better!

Also there, it is the option to enable or disable the auto-update of preview (enabled by default). I believe it makes sense to have it disabled when you are on the phone (or even laptop on battery) and updating it after every single keystroke would drain the battery faster. Maybe there are other use cases I can't think of right now.

3. The Repositioning of the Post's Options Prevents Some Awkward Issues

Placing the options on the right sidebar on the vertical came with a number of issues, most of them visual, but functional too.

As far as I had the chance to work with the new options now, after the Publishing UI has been updated, they don't have those issues anymore.

General Impression

My general impression is this is the first time they actually spend some time thinking about the functionality of the long-form publishing interface. They took the right decisions, the interface is clean and simple, but also only the MVP. This needs to be build a lot, even without giving up on its cleanness and simplicity.

Some things that are missing on the Publishing UI or the long-form browsing/viewing options:

  • editing
  • reblogging (option: auto reblogging your posts)
  • the tags of the post when viewing
  • remembering recently/most commonly used tags?
  • ads? I spend a lot of time on the Publishing UI, and I suppose so do others. I would auto-rotate them less frequently than every min though, advertisers would probably want to pay more for real impressions.

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Some days it works great for me, then other days it won't pull up pictures. I just wish they could get all the bugs out of the system. Thanks for the great update!

Yeah, that's a pretty nasty bug to have. I heard Khal talking about it so they are trying to fix it.

The new front end has improved but many aspects remain to be improved.
For example, tables are not displayed correctly
Images within

are not displayed on

I miss the old front end for long form posts....

I agree! Tables are still something I use that still don't work. I have a feeling they left them for now because the usage of tables breaks the responsive design (looking good on all devices and screen sizes). But when you have user content and user content can include tables, a solution needs to be implemented.

Images seem to be a recurrent problem for many.

For now, when I have to post something that has tables, I use peakd. But that post obviously doesn't look good in Leofinance.

And I've seen posts by Leofinance that had tables, so it's not like they've found a magic replacement for them. I mean there is a solution to replace them with a screenshot of the table. That doesn't break the responsive design, but try doing that with large tables, with lots of text... I don't think it's a good solution. We need tables.

I think the system looks better with the new publishing UI but there are still things they could help make better. I really miss the most recently used tags. It made things slightly faster.

Yup, I miss that too. And they prevent typos, which may be common for tags, since there isn't autocorrect or spelling check for them.

Thanks for the tips!

Ooh these are nice tips
Thank you

Some time ago the link was coming and The people did not understand it at all, but some things are clearly visible inside now. Hopefully this update is good for us.