LeoThreads Is Live!

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For anyone using Leofinance and following the discord, this might not be much of a news piece, but not everyone is.

I wanted to write a post with my initial impressions, so I can go back to trying it.

LeoThreads is Live! That's big news because it's something the Leofinance team has been working on for a long time.


LeoThreads is meant for short-form content on Hive. Twitter is the immediate example everyone can find when thinking about short-form content.

To access the interface, click the "Threads" menu option at the top, next to "Communities", on Leofinance.

How does LeoThreads work?

It creates a so-called container post (currently I see it creates one per day), and threads are the comments and replies on that container post.

The whole "magic" is in the interface and how it interprets those comments and replies.

LeoThreads retains the inversed-tree-like organization comments have, and a discussion involving multiple comments and replies is represented on the interface as a thread that can be followed either by going deeper or higher to the upper level (until the top-level thread which is a top-level comment).

Using tags in the threads is recommended because that's how they are indexed by the interface.

This is still an MVP (minimal viable product), so don't expect it to be Twitter. There may be bugs, which we should report to discord in the proper channel (bug-report).

I hear they are already working on V1, which will include many new features (and bug fixes), and may come out in a month (so, before HiveFest?).

On LeoThreads any type of content goes. The most obvious one - links to your long-form posts can go there, just like they did on Twitter (those who used it).

There are other immediate use cases for LeoThreads:

  • announcements that are currently made on discord can be made on LeoThreads too
  • announcements for going live
  • link sharing for great articles
  • picture of your cat/dog
  • discussions on news
  • alerts about HIVE pumps, lol
  • crypto talk
  • memes
  • I don't think short videos can be included yet, but think about how appreciated short (funny) videos are these days

It'll be interesting to see where things will go with LeoThreads and how users decide to use it. And how much. But the beginning is here, something many have asked for for a long time. Not full Project Blank yet, but a big precursor to getting there.

Read the announcement by the team that came earlier.

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Nice introduction post to Threads, Adrian.
I have messed with it a bit today, and I think it has real promise.

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It's a very early version, but it can grow from here. It's great that it works so quickly given that it is on the blockchain. Leo Lightning is going its job so far.

Thanks again @gadrian for sharing useful info with all of us!

I have already made my first #Thread (now we're using tags, right? hehe) earlier today, precisely to share my larger post on #LeoFinance. Pretty cool actually. Let's see if within time, the interface itself can become a mobile app. That would be devastating! (in a good way) - !PIZZA and much !LUV bro.

- EvM

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the interface itself can become a mobile app

Not sure about Threads, it might stay as a desktop appendix to Leofinance. But Project Blank, which will be a child of Threads, will most likely have a mobile interface (or app).

Tags are especially useful if you use them from within the Threads interface or in a comment/reply on the container posts it creates daily via @leothreads.

I saw the announcement and it looks like taskmaster is retiring the leomarkettalk too. I have to check it out later over the weekend when I have time.

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Yes, I saw Task is retiring leomarkettalk. It was an important step before Threads.

I'm already having a great time there. Now we need to make sure rest of HIVE learns about LeoThreads. I do have a few ideas for this 😎

Looking forward to seeing how both Leo and Hive infrastructure handle the extra activity.

HIVE should not have any trouble. It has handled a lot more than the current level of activity we are seeing right these days. @leofinance team on the other hand will have a lot of things to do.

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HIVE should not have any trouble.

I think so too. However, where I don't think it was tested in production to the extreme is with posts having an enormous amount of comments and replies. Although that should at most have an impact on interfaces, not on the blockchain.

I gave it a test. Seems to work pretty good.

Yep. And there can be plenty of use cases, some of them I haven't even thought of.

Im looking forward to seeing them!

Great minds think alike, @gadrian!
I also just sent a #ListNerds mail with this information.
You got there first!
It'll be interesting to see how #ListNerds will differentiate itself from #threads.

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They do have something in common, that's true.

Thanks for the information. It is a good reminder to some and new to others. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for dropping by!


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