Powered Up Another 1,000 HIVE! * Feedback for Leofinance Zealy Campaign

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Here we are at the beginning of another month and with HPUD upon us.

I just powered up another 1,000+ HIVE that was patiently waiting in the liquid form to be used today and already put it to work.

With two breaks in December last year and March this year - when I only powered up 100 HIVE - I've been doing 1000 HIVE powerups on HPUDs since October 2022 (including).

I reached a total of 31,093 HP, which shows, once again, the power of consistency and compounding, even though for a while I was pleased that I reached 10k HP and didn't pursue higher targets.

If we are on the topic of consistency, my daily posting and curating on Hive during May produced the following results (in HP and HBD):

  • author rewards: 172+ HP and 63+ HBD
  • curation rewards: 136+ HP

With time and a higher stake, the two categories should flip, and that's what I am aiming for in the long term, to earn consistent curation rewards for my stake.

But until then, I'll have to continue to push hard as an author too.

I wish you all a Happy Hive Power Up Day!

Feedback for Leofinance Zealy Campaign

It's been a month since the Zealy campaign started.

I am not one who thrives to reach one of the top places, maybe not even the Top 100, but I did put quite some energy into the long-form content quest, with little chance of completing it in time before the campaign is over, which is ok.

Overall, I believe this campaign will be meeting its purpose. And while not everyone agrees, I think having some challenges or quests that lots of people are doing more or less simultaneously helps to focus action, which can be good (depending on the action).

Here are my remarks about the long-form content quest, on which I focused the most.

First, it is challenging and made us raise to a higher level.

Second, it is more appreciated with votes (at least in my case) but produces less engagement. I only half complain about less engagement on these posts, since they are very time-consuming to write on a regular basis anyway.

However, from the SEO point of view, it is difficult to interpret what does better. An optimized longer post with little interaction, or a medium-length post (500-750 words?) with more interaction. After all, we are in Web 2 going on 3, where being social is regarded well, and search engines should reflect that.

Regarding interaction, I did notice a drop in comments for other authors who joined this quest. Maybe our audiences were used to different topics, or maybe it's the length. And people want to read shorter posts, even when they are long-form. I know I prefer to write shorter posts, generally.

Then, we have this issue:

A Twitter card that looks like this isn't visually appealing. It's been a while since we started sharing posts from the new interface of Leofinance on Twitter, and I believe people will ignore such tweets unless they are very interested.

I hope this feedback helps.

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Happy HPUD and nice power-up.

I also think Zealy did a lot of things to help out but I agree there are a lot of things that LeoFinance can do to improve the experience. I have also heard a few people talk about how their views on the zealy videos aren't doing that great either.

Thanks, JFang! Always appreciate your comments!

I have also heard a few people talk about how their views on the zealy videos aren't doing that great either.

Interesting. So it might've affected more types of content. There were one or two days when Gina didn't work. People who use that bot for notifications might've been caught off guard and didn't see or interact with new content, which may affect content interaction over those days.

Congrats man and welcome in the 1K power up club ;-).

Thanks, Achim! Being in the 1k club is great, as we motivate and raise each other to keep going.

Congratulations on the height you attained

Thanks. One day at a time, one month at a time, one HPUD at a time. :)

Great work on the 1k PowerUp!

Thanks, Steve! You've done even better, which is great!

Congratulations on your 1K power-up! It's nice to have you in the "1K Club" 😃

Thanks, man! It's nice to be in the 1K Club. ;)

Great job with the 1K Hive power up. I think that's also my aim in the long term, to earn more from curation than author rewards.
Happy HPUD :)

If you look at top earners on Hive, the best earnings come from curation. It's also from very big accounts, but that says something about how important curation is. Happy HPUD!

Exactly. That's what I noticed from the recent top author rewards by dalz. Curators were the big gainers. Curation is also less work intensive compared to author rewards.

Hello @gadrian thanks for the info on your Hive Power Up Day. Great job!
Thanks for your thoughts on the LeoFinance Zealy Campaign. Have a nice rest of the week.
Barb 😊👍 !BBH !CTP

@gadrian! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @adcreatordesign. (1/1)

Thanks, Barb. Enjoy the weekend!

You're welcome @gadrian You have a great weekend too! !BBH !CTP

Great work friend. Congratulations and best of luck for the next.

Happy Hive PUD!

Thanks. Happy HPUD!